Minutes for 02/03/2015

Discovery Committee Meeting 3 February, 2015

Minutes High Priority Backlog Items

  • Lots of bug fixes last sprint
  • Setting up Hoopla indexing (all music records loading rather than just top 100). Band names are coming into Pika with last name first, so Mark will contact Midwest to correct.
  • Series information not showing in records now fixed; site admins can us the Reload Enrichment function to see series information if not there. Contact Mark with issues
  • Discovery partner implementations: Wake County beginning of March; Flatirons end of March, both with staff previews a couple of weeks prior.
  • Facets can now be collapsed by default
  • Fixed bugs on full record view, viewing all copies
  • Fixed functionality of available now button
  • Cancelling holds: confirmation window now prompts to confirm hold should truly be canceled.
  • PIN use for Horizon libraries
  • Record Grouping: working on fixes for under and over-grouping. Currently using authorities from bib records in Pika, but hopefully can use actual authority file in the future


  •  Currently comments and ratings have to be on together. The question to the group was should they be separated so that reviews could be turned off? The group discussed possibilities and agreed to put this topic on next month’s agenda, with the likelihood that a subcommittee would be formed.

Format Icons:

  • The group discussed and agreed that adding an eAudio icon would be beneficial.


The group discussed and shared current functionalities in self-registration in light of Mesa County’s request to make some modifications. The blue box at the top of the registration form will eventually be customizable per library (Mark adding this to his backlog). The email response still has to be the same for everyone, and Brandon agreed to put in an enhancement request to III to allow this to be customized per library. Mark also talked about adding a captha image for added security and will also add this to the backlog. Finally, since duplicate checking is handled by Sierra and compares names across the entire database on not just individual library, and essentially only checks the name fields (it also checks barcode and unique ID, neither of which are relevant when using self-registration), a Middle Name field will also be added to the backlog and eventually added to the form. The group also requested that the current email confirmation be included in these minutes, so is added below:

Dear Testy,

Testy, Congratulations! You have sucessfully registered for a library card! Your temporary card number is: 2190522

You will have limited use initially. Please visit the library in the next 3 months with a valid picture ID and verification of your address in order to obtain your permanent library card.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, February 3
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