Minutes for 03/03/2015

Discovery Committee Meeting 3 March, 2015

Minutes High Priority Backlog Items

  • Wake County staff preview of Pika currently underway and going well. On track for upcoming launch in next couple of weeks.
  • Setting up Hoopla indexing (all music records loading rather than just top 100). Band names are coming into Pika with last name first, so Mark will contact Midwest to correct.
  • Anythink staff preview underway, with launch scheduled towards the end of March. Preview reportedly going well.
  • Real-time indexing for Millennium completed.  Developed system-generated lists for Wake County. Indexed and faceted using 449.
  • For discovery partners on Horizon, converted from barcode to using unique patron ID.
  • Availability/scoping issues: Mark will create a spreadsheet with individual library record counts (scoped, super-scoped, etc.), which will be available in the Admin interface.
  • Changes for Koha (AspenCAT): SIP2 servers not being reliable, so using screen-scraping instead. In general, screen-scraping or API’s are used for libraries who do not have automatic indexing.
  • Hold queue number now displays for Horizon and Koha Pika partners.
  • OneClick Digital: updated indexing to reflect reliable status/action to take until Recorded Books API’s become available. Reads “Access Online” rather than “Place Hold” and other statuses which do not actually work yet in this case.
  • Self-Registration: Middle name field added to registration form. Text on top of the form, as well as the online successful registration message are now customizable (via the Admin interface). Captcha image now in use on form to help prevent spam. The group then discussed the option to have new registered users remain logged in once they have registered, and the group decided to not do this at this time. The group also discussed OverDrive authentication and how it relates to being compatible with the self-registration number auto-generated. Jordan agreed to follow up with Overdrive to get a better understanding of how authentication is currently done, and how allowing newly registered patrons via self-registration could still have access.

Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Potential Integration

  • At Code4Lib, Mark learned of some new API’s developed by DPLA, which would allow for integration into Pika. Mark demoed what this might look like, and the consensus was that this type of content integration would work better with other digital content as well, not independently.


  • See notes below from February meeting. We ran out of time in this meeting, so will put this on April’s agenda: Currently comments and ratings have to be on together. The question to the group was should they be separated so that reviews could be turned off? The group discussed possibilities and agreed to put this topic on next month’s agenda, with the likelihood that a subcommittee would be formed.

In Development:

  • Mark showed some screen shots of upcoming changes to format icons and the ability to preselect search filters. Format icons would have a little indicator letting users know there are other related formats to the one seen. For example, expanding the eBook format icon would reveal other eBook formats, such as Kindle, etc. The group agreed this seemed like a good idea and would like usability testing on this.
  • The other potential new feature includes the ability to pre-select a search, which could be optionally saved per logon. For example, if a user prefers to search for DVDs, they could set this as a preferred search, and save it so that anytime they log in, their search will only look for DVDs.
  • Digital Repository/Special Collection Integration: group liked the idea of having the option for this sort of integration, as it would be a great way to share and help patrons discover their special collections. Mark will send out current screen captures so members can share with their libraries and discuss the potential. 
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, March 3
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