Minutes for 04/07/2015

Discovery Committee Meeting 7 April, 2015 Minutes

Discovery Partners Update

  • Wake County and Anythink are now live on Pika
  • Flatirons will officially go live next week
  • Soft launch of AspenCAT soon

High Priority Backlog Items

  • Continuous work on indexing
  • AspenCAT indexing issues (Koha related)
  • GoodReads reviews no longer automatically loads, instead only loads when clicked on in order to reduce load time of record detail
  • Worked on holds in Overdrive
  • Admin configuration has more display options available now
  • Pagination of lists fixed
  • Last checkin date added to record detail display under copies (Flatirons requirement). Functionality currently requires that it display for all Marmot libraries as well; i.e. cannot be enabled/disabled per location.
  • Fixed the date field in self-registration; calendar was not working correctly in most browsers

Current Release Sprint

  • Post-live cleanup for discovery partners
  • Order records not showing fixed
  • Indexing statistics for admins now available
  • Searching for a long title, etc. now automatically expands search box for better display
  • Add to homepage link now available
  • New reports added for admins: holds placed and pageviews


  • Mark gathered enough information on this topic to know that he needs to separate ratings from reviews, which he will put into the backlog


  • Mark will address topic with Academic libraries and those using EDS to discuss possible integration


  • Duplicate titles displaying due to the nature of Hoopla’s MARC records. Will follow up with Hoopla (Midwest Tapes) to address

Merging grouped works

Items from same library shelved in multiple locations

  • Mark demoed how this displays using the Pitkin library example where a title was shelved in both Pitkin Hot picks and Pitkin New Books.
  • The group agreed that the “Show additional copies” link is misleading and potentially confusing, and would be better to “Show All Copies”
  • The group agreed to think about and later discuss other potential modifications surrounding this issue. Mark to participate in eBook discussions at DPLA
  • Will be meeting with various libraries, including NYPL and discuss library.simplified. Any topics you think Mark should bring to the table please let him know. 
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, April 7
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