Minutes for 11/03/2015

Discovery Committee Meeting 3 November, 2015 Minutes

Next Sprint (2015-13)

  • The issues with the highest votes from committee members were the improvements to the search bar, and the facets with OR values. Development will also continue for archives work and Arlington’s configurations.

Demo of new features/bug fixes to be released (2015-12)

  • Mark demoed new functionality and bug fixes for this next release. This included:
    • Arlington set-up o Advanced Search: optional filters now separate. Mark will also work on making the advanced search option more obvious, and will add AND, OR, and NOT language to existing description (Any Terms, All Terms, etc.) to help make the Boolean options more clear.
    • Accelerated Reader: can filter now using facets. Libraries wanting this option just need to add the facet in Admin.
    • Placing holds for linked accounts with the same pick- up location o SOLR upgrade
    • Automatic correction of searches/search display: libraries can now choose whether nor not auto-correction of search terms is on or off.
    • Documentation: now available for linked accounts and create lists. Can add to sidebar links. These are patron oriented documents, and others are available including videos. Staff oriented documentation is also available within Admin (e.g. Browse Categories). More documentation will be added to Admin as they become available.
    • Visibility of OverDrive Collections: can control now which OverDrive collections display in Pika. Required nightly re-index to take full effect.
    • Main branch setting: an option in Admin now exists to determine if a branch is the main branch, which will force it to sort to the top in areas such as locations and hours.
    • Branch URL (opac=true) now works so libraries can have catalog-only computers timeout after inactivity.
    • In-transit statuses: let Mark know if you still see issues with this. o Hold disclaimer fixed o Freezing Hold fixed o Horizon real-time indexing working.


  • John Richardson of Zepheira was supposed to discuss LibHub, but was unable to make the call in the end. Mark shared what he knew, as well as Logan (Anythink), and will consider inviting John at some point in the future should the need arise.


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, November 3
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