Pika Release Notes for 05/05/2016

Pika release notes 2016.04.0 release

Released on 5/5/2016

Bug Fixes

  • Additional classes added to markup for Text only widgets to allow improved theming.

  • Change PIN was not working for Arlington.  This functionality has been added.

  • Searching for audio books and limiting to Audio CD correctly shows CDs by default.

  • List widgets did not show all titles when created from a list (previously only showed 20).  

  • Horizontal list widgets sometimes wrapped onto 2 lines so all titles were not shown.

  • Number titles on hold in sidebar menu was incorrect in some cases for Koha libraries.

  • When the “Show Hold Button for times that are checked out only” was selected, the hold button would only be shown if the title was checked out at all locations.  Now will be shown if the title is not available locally, but is available elsewhere.

  • Table of contents and citations were not showing for external eContent and Side loaded eContent.  These items are now included in both cases.

  • Manual Grouping of records was not working because validation always failed.

  • In transit items being returned to the library were showing as on shelf rather than showing as in transit for Koha libraries.

  • Records where all items were suppressed still contributed metadata to the overall grouped work.  Indexing now checks to see if the record contributes items and if not metadata from the record is ignored.

  • Updates to Sierra Extract to handle performance issues introduced in the Sierra APIs with version 2.2

  • User can use the Reset PIN functionality with PINs up to 30 characters long.

Side loading setups


  • Ebrary (Adams State & Flatirons)

  • Colorado State Gov Docs (Marmot and Aspencat)

    • Updated so all side loaded gov docs include the flag icon properly

  • Learning Express (Bud Werner)

  • Lynda.com (Nashville & Vail)

  • Several others in progress

Digital Archive Work in Pika

  • Explore More Sidebar

    • Show collections related to the object/entity

    • Show related content from the catalog based on linked data

    • Show related content from the catalog based on search data

    • Show entities related to the entity or object with information about why the entities are related

    • Show Subjects related to an entity with information about why the subjects are related

    • Include DPLA Content

  • Basic Project page

    • Show logo

    • Change number of columns based on number of object in the project

    • Add link to staff view depending on role

  • Video Page

    • Change Viewer position based on transcript

    • Show all metadata

  • Entity Display (People, Places, Events, and Organizations)

    • Show directly related objects

    • Show directly related entities

    • Show all metadata

    • Show linked data

      • Wikipedia

      • Geonames / Who’s on first

      • Genealogy from Pika

  • Filtering of archive data

    • Show only collections from the home library

    • Hide specific collections


Other Changes

  • Fixed sending MARC records to various vendor for SD51

  • Setup specific analytics account for Adams State

  • Added additional tools to verify export sizes for detecting and preventing problems

  • Improve performance loading hoopla files for sites that can’t fetch directly from Hoopla

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Tuesday, 2016, May 3
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