Pika Release Notes for 11/01/2016

Pika Release Notes 2016.10.0

Released on 11/3/2016

New Functionality

Masquerade Mode

Allows staff members to login as another user to show the user information about their account.  Staff only needs to know the barcode for the patron and do not need to ask for the PIN number from the user.  External programs can also initiate masquerade mode for better integration with the ILS.

  • Must be enabled for the library as well as for specific ptypes


  • Still There? screen

  • Additional control within library settings as to what can be viewed

  • Masquerade mode clearly identified

  • Can view all account information (holds, checkouts, account profile, etc)

Linked Data

  • New sitemaps are created for each library

  • Sitemaps will include information about the works owned by the library

  • Additional Linked Data included within Grouped Works

  • Linked Data added to all records


  • Added the ability to show a Pika logo in the footer of any Pika site with a link back to the Marmot website. You only need to turn it on for the Library System, and the branches will have it as well.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed cases where Sierra export generated too many changes causing changes to be lost for the day.

  • Fixed cases where copies for reference titles showed an incorrect status for Arlington.

  • Remove format from Title for additional cases

  • Correct searching for genealogy when the search term includes parentheses

  • Fix Browse Categories and saved searches that don’t use the Keyword search type

  • Fix placing holds for Sierra/Millennium interfaces when the username has quotes in it

  • Update Reading History opt-out functionality to include a confirmation and make it harder to select by accident.

  • New priority ranking for bug fixes


Additional work

  • Updated marmot.org website with additional information about Pika.

  • Updated Salida interface with new header image

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, November 1
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