Release Notes for 12/06/2016

Pika Release Notes 2016.11.0

Released 12/8/2016

New Functionality

  • Allow assignment of Materials Requests to specific staff, and allow filtering based on the assignee

  • Display information about usage of the Materials Request system when viewing accounts or submitting requests so patrons know how many more requests they can make.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix export of CMU records for use in GoldRush comparison

  • Display DPLA results in search results even if a search results in no results.  Used to only work if there were results

  • Add line breaks to rights statements in the Archive when they are loaded from Islandora.

  • Fix API call to load sub categories for a browse category

  • Prevent incorrect linking of accounts when there were errors setting up the links

Additional Work

  • Migrated content from Past Perfect to Islandora for Western State Colorado University

  • Migrated test servers to new hardware for improved maintenance and better performance

  • Reviewed backlog to assign functional areas and find tickets that have already been resolved but were still open.  Also better categorized issues.  We were able to close nearly 300 issues.  

  • Updated configuration of YouTrack to make development and product management easier.  Updated Types, added Scopes, and revised Statuses.

  • Configuration of several servers to better handle memory issues.  

  • Updated Drupal for several sites

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, December 6
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