Release Notes for 03/07/2017

Pika Release Notes 2017.02 Sprint

Released March 9, 2017

New Functionality

  • Full record display for objects within the Archive can be configured so administrators can choose which sections to show and what order they should be displayed in. All Metadata entered within Islandora is now shown within Pika.

You will get the default settings.  If you want to build your own More Details accordions, you would click on the Reset Archive More Details To Default button.

  • Added a new component for customizable archive that allows browsing a collection based on a facet value.  Currently limited to only showing 120 values based on the most frequently used terms.

  • Updated display of related objects and entities so they can be viewed as tiles of thumbnails or as lists.

Example of a List  & Tiled



  • Allow customization of thumbnails within exhibit pages so they can be linked to other pages.


  • Allow Facets to be customized for Archive searches similar to what is done for searches of print materials.


You will get the default settings.  If you want to build your own archive search facets, you would click on the Reset Archive Search Facets To Default button. You can also use the Copy Library Archive Search Facets to copy another library’s archive search facets.


  • Allow customization of which fields display on the Archive Request Form

These are some of the customizable fields for the Archive Copy Request Form. If a field is hidden, it will not display in the form.  If a field is required, it will have a red asterisk next to it. If a field is optional, the user can decide it they want to fill it out.

  • Language Facet no longer contains data from 041a field.  Also fixed a bug where geographic terms were being inserted into the language facets. Also fixed a bug where language was not showing within search results even when enabled.

  • Nashville Odilo records have covers loaded properly

Bug Fixes

  • Correct loading of transcripts from MODS for Magazines and individual pages to prioritize transcriptions in MODS rather than the OCR/HOCR files

  • When defining objects to be displayed within an exhibit scroller, the order of objects within Islandora MODS data is now respected.  


  • Fixed sorting for basic archive projects

  • Expanded searches for archive objects based on filename to use additional fields when the migrated filename is entered manually.

  • Fixed the display of archive search results to be sure that HTML tags are not displayed

  • Fixed the display of entities related to a search term based as accessed from the Explore More Bar.

  • Fixed so people entities can show wikipedia data


  • Updated indexing for objects in the archive that had very long transcripts so they are correctly indexed.

  • Corrected indexing of music to properly handle cases where they were mislabeled as audiobooks or simply cds.


  • Corrected a few spelling issues

Additional Work

  • Santa Fe production server setup with nightly full exports from Sierra



  • Initial setup of Nashville CARL.X server with connections to CARL.X system and update of index with export from CARL.X

  • Art Collection for Mesa County Libraries has been loaded into Islandora

  • Update eCommerce payment screens for Bud Werner (in Sierra)

  • Migration of data for Loveland into Flatirons Library Consortium

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, March 7
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