Release Notes for 04/07/2017

Pika Release Notes 2017.03

Released April 6, 2017

New Functionality

  • Objects within an object can now be viewed with either the traditional grid view or in a list view similar to search results. Default is set at Library Settings > Local Content Archive > Default Viewing Mode for Archive Collections (Exhibits)

  • Archive Sharing

    • Objects can be excluded from individual library interfaces with sharing on (previously could only include exclude specific collections).  Access from Library settings > Local Content Archive > Objects To Hide
      Specify one PID per line


    • Updated Archive Home Page to set the title based on the library’s root archive collection

    • Updated Archive Home Page to include a list of collections shared by other libraries.

    • Added a new facet for contributing library.  Enabled by default for libraries that have not customized facets.  For libraries that have customized facets, the new facet can be added from Library settings > Local Content Archive > Archive Search Facets

    • Allow collections and individual objects to be shown only within the test Pika instance in addition to showing only within the production and test system or not showing at all.  Set within Islandora

  • Cached information for the archive can now be cleared from staff view by authorized users.

  • Allowed archive administrators to update the icon to be used for the search box on archive exhibit pages.

  • Add an Add to List button for archive records from pop-ups as well as full record pages.



Bug Fixes

Sideload work

  • Updates to better handle deleted records in sideloads as well as case sensitivity for identifiers

  • Update Marmot Zinio

  • Learning Express for Garfield County

  • Process deletes for ebrary for Flatirons

  • Process deletes for EBSCO for Fort Lewis

  • Updated Colorado State Government Docs

Additional Work

  • Santa Fe is live on Pika!

  • Assistance in releasing Three Wire Winter Project to production.  (

  • All existing YouTrack tickets have been converted to the new structure.

  • Created directions for building a list from a create list.

  • Make Board Books non-holdable for Arlington.

  • Correct the content model for a few places that were migrated for Western.

  • Fix related entities for some entities migrated for Eagle.

  • Improved performance of test servers especially Marmot test server.

  • Updated SSL certificate for Wake County.

  • Setup Google Analytics access for several libraries.

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Tuesday, 2017, April 4
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