Meeting Minutes for 05/02/2017

Discovery Committee Meeting
2 May, 2017

Priorities for Next Release
Review of the status from the previous and current months.

  • Archive Cleanup
    • Most of the difficult tasks and tickets are done
    • Metadata and other still in progress
    • Big project is to make sure the breadcrumbs work exactly as they should.  This may not happen by the next Sprint.
  • Read Book in the Archive
    • Only two tickets left
    • One ticket has a lot of manual changes needed, so the ticket depends on those changes
  • Anne Arundel
    • On target for the July/August launch
  • CARL.X for Nashville
    • The formal project plan is not finished
    • The plan will be worked on for the upcoming Sprint
  • Wake County on Marmot Server
    • Process started in April
    • R & D team is 75% done, so it should be no problem to finish in May
  • Sideload Catch-up
    • Finished with any load that does not require any code work
    • Waiting for a response from the libraries on how their records look
    • There are three side loads left that do require code changes
  • Search Bugs
    • Want to work on these bugs as a group, because it’s better for testing
    • In terms of what gets fixed, member feedback is essential
    • Search bugs are going to be worked on soon, vote for what you want fixed
    • Read through the list of 23 issues, pick a few that you think are super important for the R & D team to work on
    • Link to YouTrack Search Bugs - Bug voting
    • Click on the thumbs up to vote
  • Other Completed Work
    • Fixes for how formats display
    • Configuration for showing holds/copies available
    • Forced HTTPS for some libraries
    • Extra bug fixes

Conversation Topic

  • Suggestion to add popup to select edition when there are more than a few holds on a nonfiction title and other editions are available
    • Editions are sorted by the most recent addition at the top
    • Assuming for a nonfiction title that the patron is going to want the most recent addition
    • There may be a solution to put the power of whether or not a patron is willing to accept an older edition into their hands, without making it overly complicated every time someone wants to place a hold
    • What is suggested is that when there is more than one or two people on the waitlist, to show a popup that says, “there are a few people on the waitlist for this book, would you be willing to take an older edition?’ Prompt them to place a hold on an older edition (if that is what they want), or say, “no, I want the newest edition.”
    • Usability or exact phrasing has not been worked out yet.  This is just an idea.
  • Call to Action: all of you who attended the May 2nd Discovery Committee meeting, if you have anyone at your library you want to share this suggestion, please talk to your public service staff (if you do not work the public service desk).  See what they think of this idea.

  • Feedback from Chat was that some libraries liked the idea
    • This will be talked about at the meeting next month
    • Presenting on Pika/Digital Archive at a conference
    • Anytime a member library or discovery partner want to present on something that you are doing with Pika, the  should always feel free to present
    • At CALCON last year, there were  a number of members who presented on the Archives

Release Notes

Format Logic

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, May 2
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