Pika Training - Basic Interface Display Customization

Search Bars

Changing search bars from vertical to horizontal.

Go to Pika Configuration and Library System.


Click the Library Id number, or the Edit link to gain access to the Library Systems page.


Click on the Searching tab.

Click on the Search Box tab.

If the Use Horizontal Search Bar is checked, your search bar will horizontal.  If this box is unchecked, your search bar will be vertical.

Here is an example of a horizontal search bar.


Here is an example of a vertical search bar.

Sidebar Menus

Click on the link for Basic Display.

Check the box for the Display Sidebar Menu to show the sidebar menu.  Otherwise the default menu will be used.  Having this menu allows you to completely collapse the sidebar, and just displays the information from the Search, Login, Account or Help.

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/yQjxGcjtcRN2gIIszgXWy9rn3rsiTXanhcSYjVkJXt_rqBCWWetGZuWiMBrlyXXAMKoQnTq2E-CQKZQlg1MpIbpKUboE0pTvBqquJO0fn1Wu8YB_Gv66FkAqOMlock1pglqr-Q4W      https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/jBBpt2-Vy2uk9YFIFps0xQZPsOPr5Y6DLdTRDLEYhtw6itWA0Ze_EKhyPsB17uFCt4ek6hxxfyGOSKu81DNTTYBja8XvUcFYkRSiWhs3Kp_eXAbS38UuZBZ6JnKZLTnnlMUC8nLy   https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/mfMVP-XksjccE5y6-lpAGCg8Xkr1R7gKihMBwZ33oh51m6W0GYRTy_75KrO7GeBKl_z-gYcarJlZVWwE2egzEmZeGVO32fhcgYyRRbp_76LFtA7_VbVCKVDBgOfZpOTkmJjLOuHC   https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/kzbehwyaQrOOTlfDV7R7qnhs0Ez2Pb5KiDeP2PPIzl-Ir9qCr-bI-cViURPPA72KiKAiMWen_5njmsx4WHk77_UOMFTqTZu-GmEIYb74NxrnY-N1dfXPKbNHsVc9sENiH8rRjYqi    https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/GJXYpUXwMIphf4JqVCRhSmO9RzV-BQKo88JplcxU2VQr44Bno1zWdxEfLOvxrz_ugG9a_OleFnu-Qb-sDvRZ0LAFTszFVr53-3OAoxpa2s178YgtwmIylAciLBf21gL6ow04lZ-k

Here is an example of a library that is using the Horizontal search bar, but did not check the Display Sidebar Menu.


The Sidebar Help Button Text can be renamed.  You can name it Help or Menu. The only suggestions is to keep it short. Any text that is too long may start wrapping, and not display vertically.

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/RHFW86oGWhhHmuZvwt_ydA4GewxqnejqUMq0_4XUNH6dlPqq4k7Nd94NoArgCwSZsfXKBlEkvKGg_vLz5Q_vpi9-cLo9IQ1i-Hm9wK1vw6QhWX3eAcVLEj8XakmSntpWjP9KDI_m     https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/bexdFpq6M-6h8xrW7HjmZm1s6Lvds5tAGv86FFVf4e1W-Xit6S8MKRYvVLaBblY9pCkzHOX70gP5qMMZ4pQogZLOj7SkkxKAVsj0EDUPqm4d2o3olt_2hkNRm1WPC_kSiAOmqu7h


Here is an example of a library that has labeled the Sidebar Help Button Text to something other than Help.


The Show Library Hours and Locations Link allows you to show or hide the Library Hours & Locations button.  


The Library Hours & Locations button is activated by clicking the Show Library Hours and Locations Link which is found under  Locations for each library or branch.  You also need to put in your library address or branch addresses.  Your hours need to be entered to show in the display. Hours are also located under Locations.



Header Links

Header Links are located towards the bottom of the page.  Only a few libraries use this right now. They are similar to the sidebar links.



Click Add New to start adding Header Links.


This will give you the Link Text and URL that you would add for your Header Links.


Here is an example of a library that uses Header Links.  The links will be displayed with minimal formatting so you will need to apply some styling in the Additional CSS box to make them appear the way you want.


Here is what these Header Links look like from the Library System page.


Sidebar Links

Sidebar Links is located towards the bottom of the page.


These links show up in the sidebar menu of your Pika site.

Click the Add New to add a sidebar or a new sidebar link.


The new entry will show up blank.  


The Category will show up as a bar, which turns into a drop down bar with a link or links.


If you want more than one link listed under your category, you need to give each Link Text the same Category name.

The Link Text is the title of the link for the Category.

C:\Users\TPOQUE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTMLd3bb352d.PNG              C:\Users\TPOQUE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTMLd3bd0c7e.PNG

The URL is the actual link. If you do not want to use the URL, you can use HTML contents. This would allow you to embed a chat widget or other custom content.  As long as the widget does not require Javascript, it should work.  

C:\Users\TPOQUE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTMLd3c6780d.PNG          C:\Users\TPOQUE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTMLd3c4048c.PNG

Here is an example of a library that is using the HTML Contents for their Sidebar Links.

If you remove or do not put the Category in the box, the link will show up as a button.  Here is an example of a library who removed the information from Category to make information show up as a button.  



Here is an example of a Sidebar Link as a button.  In addition, you can always go to Basic Display, Additional CSS to change the styling of this button.



If you want to change the order of the links, you can drag and drop them using the arrows.


The Marmot Union Catalog is a good example of the horizontal search bar, and the Display Sidebar Menu box is checked. The sidebar menus are collapsed.  When you click on the Help link, the Sidebar links will show.


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