Release Notes for 05/02/2017

Pika Release Notes 2017.04

Released May 4, 2017

New Functionality

  • Several updates to the “default” method of determining format to make it work better.
    • Theses now show as their own format

  • Music CDs and Music Cassettes are now shown as distinct formats from CD and Cassettes


  • GoReader is now shown as it’s own format


  • Updated filtering logic to improve when multiple formats are detected

  • Only use 007 field for determining the format if no formats are found using other methods

  • Only use leader for determining the format if no formats are found using other methods

  • New configuration option for whether or not the holds/copies available is shown within search results or not.



  • Collection Order for a collection can be used to determine which objects show in the scroller now in addition to the objects in that collection. This saves time creating scrollers for homepages.

  • All metadata for all types of entities (people, places, events, organizations) displays properly now.  

  • There are several new sections that will need to be configured for display if archive sections have been customized already.

  • All fields within the archive are now searchable for all types of data in the archive


Bug Fixes

  • Sharing records via e-mail now works properly when sharing OverDrive records and Hoopla records.

  •     Added additional information to the eContent Support form to be sure that the patron’s name and e-mail are displayed and update so the support e-mail address is used as the from address for the e-mail


  • Set non-holdable iTypes for Wake County so that hold buttons do not show

  • Cleaned up the Checked Out page to not show renew and renew all buttons if only OverDrive items are checked out


  • Corrected the display of formats when both format and availability filters are selected within Union Catalogs.


  • When the Explore More bar contains no content, hide the Explore More section and make the content wider.  

  • Numbers of objects within the Explore More bar are now consistent with the search results after clicking on the type of material


  • Physical Description has been moved to the Details section from More Details for Archive objects.

  • Properly handle dates in archive objects when only the month and year are provided

  • Excluded all records in the archive that do not have MODS data for the object from search results (typically individual pages of books etc).

  • Corrected the display of “samepika” View Online links within search results when facets were applied to the search.

  • Updated the display of browse categories so the boxes are not cut off on the right side.


Sideload Work

  • for Grand County

  • Learning Express for Vail

  • Learning Express for Mesa County

  • Colorado State Gov Docs for Flatirons

Additional Work

  • HTTPS will now be forced for Aspencat and Marmot libraries

  • All * urls are correctly redirected to *

  • Documentation for how to enable sharing within the archive is now available

  • Documentation for location configuration in Pika is now available and linked within the administration panel

  • Work has started on Anne Arundel implementation including

    • Setup of indexing

    • Integration with OverDrive

    • integration with Sirsi Dynix ROA web services

  • Work has started for hosting Wake County servers at Marmot

  • Removed School Report from Pika since it was not working and the Student Report contains the same information

  • Added additional safety checks to Marmot and Aspencat to be sure that indexes are not run if the export from the ILS is incomplete or old

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, May 2
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