Discovery Meeting Minutes for 06/06/2017

Discovery Committee Meeting
6 June, 2017

Road Map Overview

  • Typically, the R & D team will only do one implementation of a Discovery Partner for Pika at a time.  The reason for only one partner at a time is to continue working on other development at the same time.  This way, the team does not get behind on bugs or moving other aspects of Pika forward. Right now, the team is working on two Discovery Partner implementations.  
  • The Nashville implementation was originally scheduled for last fall. They are moving onto a new ILS. The process was delayed which caused a delay in the R & D team implementation.  This is why there are two implementations happening at the same time.
  • The majority of the R & D team’s focus is on these implementations, because they have very solid deadlines.
  • Anne Arundel and Nashville are both being working on right now.  Anne Arundel should be finished in July. Carl.X (Nashville) has deadlines in July and August.
  • Next Release items and new development will be happening closer towards the end of summer or beginning of fall.
  • 2017 Digital Archives Project is for next release​
    • This is the Pika side of the project
    • Do not let this deter you from getting your projects started in Islandora.  We need to be working on the Islandora stuff all the time.
    • Reach out to Jordan if you are ready to do anything in Islandora.

Priorities for Next Release

Review of the status from the previous and current months.


Archive Cleanup

  • Most difficult tickets done (metadata), others still in progress
  • On hold for now

Red Book in the archive

  • Progress on one ticket (other depends on finishing up that one)
  • One hold for now

Anne Arundel

  • On target for July/Aug launch, completed site visit

CARL.X for Nashville

  • Phase 1 on target for July 5th/Phase 2 Aug 3rd

Wake County on Marmot Server

  • This will go live later in this June.

Sideload Catch-up

  • All with no code work are completed (or waiting for library input), three that require code changes left
  • Only working on sideloads related to Discovery Partner launches

Garfield Website Migration

  • This migration must be done by the end of the summer.

Search Bugs

Other Completed Work

  • Archive Storage Page
  • Closed branch/new hold pickup location

Conversation topics:

-Suggestion to add popup to select edition when there are more than a few holds on a nonfiction title and other editions are available (make a decision)

  • This issue is with some non-fiction titles when the version is not as important.
  • A hold is placed on a currently checked out version, when other copies are available.
  • The content for each version is going to largely the same.
  • Look at something like a medical textbook the available versions would be more important.
  • The current way a hold is place is that Pika automatically decides what version to place a hold, or the patron has to know to click the “show editions” button and pick a version.
  • The proposed solution is that current nonfiction title with a hold queue or checkouts will prompt a system-generated message asking the user if they would be interested in a different version of the title to get the item faster.  The system-generated message would appear when the user clicks on the “Place Hold” button.
  • This would stop any unnecessarily long wait times.
  • This is just a conversation, and any feedback is welcome.
  • We have not worked out the wording for the message.  We are not sure if this would the next version on the list, or show the entire list of available versions.
  • We just wanted to know if members would be interested in moving forward with this proposal.
  • This would be a configuration option turned on or off.
  • This would be an edition or version within the same format.
  • There was a consensus to move forward with this proposal.

-Next meeting: Date change and no discussion topic!

Report from Libraries

  • Ashley from CLiC will be doing a usability study with AspenCat library staff on using Pika for their staff side work.
  • James from Nashville reported that their library was voted Library of the Year by Library Journal for the Limitless Library Program.
  • Beth from Flatirons is updating the look and feel to their Pika sites.  The staff members have gotten some great ideas looking at all the member’s Pika profiles.
  • Jonathan from Arlington has gotten 3200 app downloads for the first month for their new app, and about 300 users a day.


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, June 6
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