Release Note for 06/06/2017

Pika Release Notes 2017.05.0

Released June 7, 2017

New Functionality

  • Symphony API Implementation for Anne Arundel (also applies to Horizon libraries)

    • View a list of checked out titles

    • Renew a checked out title

    • View a list of holds

    • Freeze/Thaw holds

    • Cancel Holds

    • Change Hold Pickup Location

    • View Account information

    • Change Account information

    • Reset PIN (forgot PIN)


    • Change PIN within Account

    • View Fines

  • CARL.X implementation for Nashville

    • View fine details

    • Renew All Holds

    • Update Format determination based on the most used item type in the event conflicting item types are found.

    • Upgrade Pika server to RHEL 7

    • Final implementation of Masquerade Mode based on CARL.X implementation

  • Prep for Wake County Hosting

    • Transfer exports (both daily and real-time) to new server


  • When a user’s preferred branch is closed, force the user to select a branch.  After selecting the branch update their alternate branches if the alternate branch is not already selected.




  • Created a page to show how much information each library has within the Archive



  • When Pika is placed in Offline Mode, allow configuration for whether or not the user can accept holds.   



  • Allow additional configuration for how individual MARC records are organized into folders within Pika servers.  

Bug Fixes

  • Titles that have been weeded from the OverDrive Collection are no longer displayed in Pika.

  • When using linked accounts, if one account was expired the information could cause errors in the display of the main account

  • Correct the display of military information when the branch or conflict is not known.

  • Correct the login process when submitting new materials requests


Additional Work

  • Automatically deliver ebrary records to EBSCO EDS for Western

  • Update search bar for Pine River to allow searching the website in addition to the catalog


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, June 6
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