Meeting Minutes for 07/05/2017

Discovery Committee Meeting
5 July, 2017

Review of the status from the previous and current months.
  • Archive Cleanup 
    • This information is on the Road Map.
    • On hold 
    • DPLA is in progress
    • Time permitting there might be more archive cleanup
  • Read Book in the archive
    • On hold
    • Anne Arundel
    • Main project is finishing implementation 
    • On target to launch on August 1st
    • New features for Anne Arundel benefits all members
  • CARL.X for Nashville
    • Phase 1 is complete
    • Phase 2 is starting 
  • Wake County on Marmot Server
    • Server migration is completed
  • Sideload Catch-up
    • Just a few that needed code work
    • Scheduling upcoming side loads for Nashville and Anne Arundel
  • Garfield Website Migration
    • The majority of the work will happen in July
    • On target of completion in August
  • Search Bugs
    • On hold for the month of July
    • Jordan noticed that more people are voting 
    • There is still time to keep voting
  • Other Completed Work
    • Additional options for Pika search dropdown and creation of locations
    • URL Rewriting for sideloaded collections
    • Updated publication date facet
    • Export tool for DPLA

Export tool for DPLA

  • Early in June, the state library and the group working on DPLA were ready for Marmot to have the DPLA feed ready. 
  • The feed takes the metadata from the archive and put it into the fields that the state library wants to send to DPLA.
  • Any archive libraries can spot check the information in the feed.  If interested, contact Jordan and she will send you a link to the feed, so you can check it against the spreadsheet Jordan sent out.
  • The Archive Usage by Library, located in Pika under the Archive sidebar menu, is for those who have the Digital Archive permissions.  With this usage report, you will see the numbers for DPLA.  Reminder: If you think your numbers are low, keep in mind that collections do not go, and not everyone’s stuff is going.  This was discussed during the Archive Committee meeting.
  • All the pages in a book might be objects, but DPLA only wants the entire object.  All the squares in a quilt might be objects in Islandora, but DPLA only wants the quilt.
  • This was something that had be done in the month of June.
  • Discussion about Zinio/RBdigital 
Discussion to decide what the sideloaded collection is called in Pika
  • One thought was to side load the collection twice.  One collection would be called Zinio and the other RBdigital
  • OneClick Digital has been rebranded as RBdigital.  Members who have OneClick might want to join the conversation
  • A few naming conventions were suggested.  1. Zinio (now RBdigital)  2. RBdigital (formerly Zinio).
  • A decision was made to go with RBdigital (formerly Zinio).  This change will go live on July 6.
  • Pascal will change all the record URLs in Pika to show RBdigital instead of Zinio
Update on the Sierra Export Issue
  • When Marmot upgraded to Sierra 3.1 for the PayPal functionality to work properly, the feature the Innovative broke was exporting the due date of items in Pika. 
  • When using the export from the catalog, everything appears as on self. This issue has been happening for two weeks.
  • The short-term solution had been to use continuous indexing which updates the status correctly, but we do not get changes to bibs, new bibs or deleted bibs. 
  • Innovative has given Marmot a workaround that allows a manually export of the catalog every night.  This means that someone at Marmot has to be available at approximately 9 p.m. and midnight to get everything working correctly. Marmot has been reluctant to do this manual indexing daily, because this process is so labor intensive.
  • Marmot is trying to figure out how frequently to do a manual export. For now, Marmot will do this process at least once a week.  
  • Marmot is working with Innovative to find out their timeline for a resolution.
  • Depending if the resolution is days, weeks or months, there are different things that Marmot can do.  For now, Marmot is in a wait and see mode.

Suggestion for the display of hold information for titles with multiple editions

  • Jordan is working on specifications for this process

New Discovery Committee Chair

  • Jon Solomon has been the Chair for the Discovery Committee since it was first started 
  • He will be stepping down as Chair
  • Jon was not sure if a Discovery Partner could be a committee chair
  • The Marmot Bylaws state that any person who would like to be the Chair must be appointed by the President of the Board
  • Anyone who is interested please email and Cc Jon Solomon
  • A big “thank you” to Jon for all his service to the committee
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2017, July 5
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