Release Notes for 07/05/2017

Pika Release Notes 2017.06.0

Released July 6, 2017

New Functionality

  • Added additional capabilities for records to include to allow more control over which records are included for a library or location.  Can now include based on:

    • iType, audience, and format

    • Specific MARC tags and values

  • Pika search box dropdown is configurable to take advantage of the additional fields



  • Added the ability to dynamically rewrite URLs when sideloading records to allow proxies or rewrites of URLs by library/location without needing to first edit the records in MARCEdit.

  • Publication Date facet updated to not go out of date

  • Pay Fines link shows when a library has an ecommerce link (even when default is not set in code)

  • Locations can now utilize a subdomain independent of the location code for the library. Contact Marmot to implement this for your locations.


  • Update display in offline mode to clearly indicate the system is in offline mode when patrons are logged in.


  • Tool created for digital archives export to the Digital Public Library of America

Bug Fixes

  • Users first and second alternate library stays consistent (and is not reset when the pickup location is changed)

  • vailCanceling holds for Anne Arundel was restored

  • Properly allow searching of records by bib id, item id, and order id for CARL.X and Sierra


Additional Work

  • Migrated Wake County server to Marmot

  • Symphony implementation for Anne Arundel

    • Show hold position with My Account

    • Set up patron’s default location

    • Set up nightly exports and index

  • CARL.X implementation for Nashville

    • Finalized account integration

    • Updated Audience Facet based on new cataloging practices

    • Completed migration of all data

    • Set up production server

    • Go live on CARL.X

  • Update processing of Order Records for Marmot to use data from Sierra DNA rather than from MARC record export (allows better control of which order records are shown)

  • Fixed Large Print display for Anythink

  • Nightly backup script updated to delete old backup files to save server space

  • Google Analytics updates for Flatirons

  • Styled header links for


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Wednesday, 2017, July 5
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