Meeting Minutes for 09/05/2017

Discovery Committee Meeting
September 5, 2017

Priorities for Next Release
Review of the status from the previous and current months.

  • Anne Arundel​
    • Launched
  • CARL.X for Nashville
    • Complete​
  • Garfield Website Migration​
    • Complete​
  • Iii Export Workaround​
    • Complete
  • Sideload Catch-up​
    • In progress (no progress last month due to other projects)
    • Side loading will begin again in September​
  • Archive Cleanup​
    • Bugs needed to be fixed, before starting the Red Book project
    • Started fixing bugs in August
    • Ongoing project for September
    • EVLD migration is mandatory and will take priority over the Red Book project
    • Mark will work on archive bugs​
  • Red Book in the Archive​
    • Will start in September, after the archive cleanup bugs are done
  • Search Bugs​
    • Starting in September
    • Pascal will work on the search bugs

Other Work Completed

  • Fix for iii due dates
  • Prompt to check out an alternative non-fiction edition
  • Flatirons Server Migration

Pika Roadmap

  • 2017 Digital Archive Projects​
    • Jordan will be setting up people in the archives
    • Projects will be launching in the next few months​
  • E-Content Improvements​
    • Further down the line doing a full integration of Hoopla similar to OverDrive​
  • EDS and Bento Box Integration for academic libraries​
    • Bring them the interface that is more common to academic libraries to start searches

Other Issues:

  • Wake County wanted to know more about the ROA calls​​
    • Mark noted that ROA is in place for Symphony, and it is well tested
    • Mark asked the Wake County folks to send information about their ROA endpoint to get it scheduled
  • Wake County is using an open source self-checkout based SIP

    • Looking to develop a self-checkout based on web services. If anyone has any interest in collaborating on this project, reach out to the Wake County folks. Let Mark know if you need their contact information

Conversation topics:

  • Facet behavior when a field is not coded in the MARC record – see specification
    • Looking at combining into one results, and giving libraries the ability to decide how they want that result to be defined.
    • It will be consistent across facets rather than what is listed in the MARC record for that field
    • Each library can define which facet will display that empty data

Next month conversation topic: Make a suggestion!

Release Notes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, September 5
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