Meeting Minutes for 01/02/2018

Discovery Committee Meeting
January 2nd, 2018

Priorities for Next Release
Review of the status from the previous and current months.

  • E-Content Improvements​
    • OverDrive Advantage work is done​
      • Bug where unauthenticated users do not see holds when a library has an Advantage title​
    • Focus is on Hoopla
  • Bento Box Homepage​
    • Done​
  • Virtualize Marmot and Aspencat Production Servers (Mercury Server)​
    • On hold – Marmot waiting for a new server
    • Moved to Sprint 2018.02​
  • Archive Cleanup​
    • On hold to work on Hoopla
    • Work on the cleanup next quarter​
  • Red Book in the archive​
    • Will finish up this release​
  • Search Bugs​
    • On hold
    • Moving to next quarter​
  • Hoopla Integration​
    • Starting work for this release​
  • LION Implementation
    • End of this release will be the kick-off meeting for LION
    • They are the 1st Discovery Partner of 2018
    • They are a consortium in Connecticut​
  • Sierra APIs​
    • Once finished, if you only purchase Scheduler for use with Pika, you will no longer need Scheduler.​
  • Anythink Servers moving to Marmot​
    • Need to schedule it with them
    • Work completed for this release
    • Might happen at the end of this release​
  • Optimize memory used by indexing processes​
    • Moved forward to the current release
    • Complete

Other Completed Work:

  • Optimized Record Grouping for performance enhancement

Reports for Libraries on Special Projects

  • Flatirons has implemented for the entire consortium
  • All the Aspencat libraries are going to have read-only access to the Marmot Digital Archives
  • Grand County has started checking out their Grand Access Collection (tickets and passes for local events & organizations) through Pika.  They will be loading the images in Pika this week.

Conversation topic/training:

  • How to setup children’s searches in the searchbox
  • Here is a recording of the training
  • Training documentation will be created and added to

Pika Roadmap
Release Notes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, January 2
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