Release Notes for 02/06/2018

Pika Release Notes 2018.01.0

Released February 8, 2018

New Functionality

  • Hoopla Patron Integration
    • Check out Hoopla titles within Pika search results and Hoopla record pages


  • Checkout prompt displays number of Hoopla checkouts remaining for the patron for the month


  • Checkout confirmation prompt also has an option to bypass the prompt


  • This setting can be changed in patron’s My Account Settings


  • If patron does not have a Hoopla account, Checkout prompt displays link to register at Hoopla


  • On checkout success, prompt displays a button to visit the My Checkouts page


  • Display patrons’ Hoopla checkouts on their My Checkouts account page

    • Patrons can return a Hoopla title early from the checkout page

    • Hoopla checkout entries display the number of hoopla checkouts remaining for the month


  • Include Hoopla titles in the patron’s reading history


  • Successful Overdrive Checkout now doesn’t redirect to the My Checkout page but instead displays a button to visit the My Checkouts page. This is to have a consistent econtent checkout behaviour


  • Hoopla metadata extract to get additional information, notably checkout price
    • Implemented hoopla extract log. (Sidebar Menu, Indexing Information, Hoopla Export Log)



  • New library configuration option for whether or not to display On Order counts with the Holdings Summary
    • When disabled, a general message “Copies on order” or “Additional copies on order” is displayed for Order records



    Additional information stored for Sierra order data for easier debugging (catalog date and received date)

  • Updated Captcha integration (eg spamming protection for self-registration forms)  to use newer version of the service. (Service for the previous version will stop at the end of March)


  • Reworked the “more browse results” button so that it can be custom styled for a library’s interface.


  • Restored Arlington genre search facet based on 655 fields


  • Show and allow holds for Arlington itemless volume records (eg. On Order DVD sets)
  • Reindexing optimization to use precompiled regex
  • Regrouping optimizations, including using precompiled regex

Digital Archive Updates

  • Consistent display of Red Book Pages regardless of how a user navigated to the page
  • Implemented the display of archive compound objects for videos


  • Restrict archive data download with several Islandora options
    • homeLibraryOrIP:
    • patronsFrom:
    • withinLibrary:
    • Ptypes:
    • preventAnonymousMasterDownload
    • preventVerifiedMasterDownload
    • anonymousMasterDownload
    • verifiedMasterDownload
  • Disabled browser right-click on archive video, audio, and images

  • Allow Mapped Exhibits to be displayed for art exhibits.


  • Fixed Archive collections to display pages in proper order. (eg. Red Book)


Documentation changes

  • Created and added documentation of Pika user roles as table (spreadsheet) of roles vs ability to take an action
    • Users that have been assigned a role or roles have those roles listed in their Pika Account Settings, Staff Settings section. (bottom of the page)  There is now a link here to that documentation
  • Added Combined Results (Bento Box) documentation to Library Admin pages
  • Creating Children’s (or Special) Collections documentation added to

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inability to do search with a location as the search source (A patch deployment was issued for this bug)
  • Sorting on My Checkout page now puts items without a value for the sorting field at the bottom of sorted checkouts.
  • Fixed author, subject and advanced searches when filtered by Publication Date, Accelerated Reader Point Value, Accelerated Reader Reading Level, or Lexile Score
  • Fixed searches where only one limit is set for Accelerated Reader or Lexile range filters
  • Fixed subject searches so that when the search term contains an ampersand the search term does not get truncated at the ampersand when a Publication Date range is applied
  • Econtent related manifestations did not consistently show the Source column in Show Editions table.
  • Increased allowable size for custom labels for login fields (eg. Adams State library card number fields can now be labeled “Library Card Number (401...) or asu+900 number (asu900XXXX)” )


  • Fixed erroneous indexing of author2 role field
  • For the SirsiROA Driver (Anne Arundel), fixed the ability for patron’s to update their pins in the Account Settings page.
    • Staff users will not be able to update their pins through Pika due to Sirsi permission settings.
  • Pika self-registration form for Flatirons now capitalizes and combines address information into a single field when passing to Sierra


  • Cloud Library for Aspencat

Additional Work

  • Configured Western to use Pika Combined Results (Bento Box) interface
  • LION Discovery Partner implementation Kickoff
  • Enable showing DPLA results for Aspencat libraries
  • Fixed display of format category options for Wake County advanced search
  • Implemented hourly cron-task to prevent web server crashes due to “stuck semaphores”
  • Aided Nashville endcap maker Anode with using Pika APIs for their integration


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, February 6
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