Meeting Recording for 03/06/2018

Discovery Committee Meeting
March 6th, 2018

Marmots, Pikas and LIONs, Oh My!

  • LION is a new Discovery Partner for Pika. LION is a public library consortium in Connecticut that encompasses 29 libraries.  LION administers the ILS, digital content, and a delivery service for interlibrary loan for their members.
  • Ashley Sneesby-Stippich is a new member of the R & D team working as the QA Support Specialist for Pika.
  • Sean Hanson is acting Executive Director for Marmot until a new director is hired.  Jimmy Thomas recently retired. Sean has worked for Marmot for 15 years as IT Manager and other roles in the past. He will be observing the Discovery Committee meetings, and getting more familiar with the Discovery Partners.

Priorities for Next Release
Review of the status from the previous and current months.

  • Virtualize Marmot and Aspencat Production Servers (Mercury Server)
    • Server has been set up, but there is still some fine-tuning
  • Hoopla Integration
    • In progress
    • This is taking longer due to the Sierra APIs. It became important to get some libraries off Innovative Scheduler sooner instead of later in the year.
  • LION Implementation/Sierra APIs
    • In progress
  • Bug Fixes
    • Ashley will be doing a lot of quality assurance testing on new features, new Discovery Partners, Hoopla integration, but will start off her training testing bugs. R & D will pick the bugs that are timely to get fixed, and make the most sense for training.

Other Completed Work:

  • Pika data in OGP format
    • When R & D discovered that OverDrive had been publishing this data, they decide to work on publishing our data.

Pika Roadmap
Next Release

  • No planning because R & D is still working on the current release priorities such as Integrate Hoopla APIs, LION Discovery Partner implementation, and Sierra APIs

Conversation topics:

  • On order and Coming Soon in Subject Facets (example)
    • Someone requested that we included On Order and Coming Soon in the subject facet. R & D would like to eliminate On Order and Coming Soon from this facet. They need to make sure that no one is actually using those facets. One way you might be using this is with a Browse Category using one of these terms. Reach out to R & D through, if you are using these terms. R & D will help you find a way to replace these terms in a different way.
    • This will not remove the On Order from the Added in the Last facet.
    • On Order and Coming Soon will still be part of the Keyword search.   
  • Draft Security Issue Response Plan
    • A member decided to run a security test on Pika, and found a few things that are not worrisome.  However, it made R & D realize that all open source organizations have a response when a security issue is identified. R & D has never had a security issue identified, but thought they should have a plan.  They come up with a draft of the security response plan, and want to share it with everyone for feedback. The only step that would involve members or partners is how you notify R & D. They will take it from there, and you will be notified about the resolution.
    • Couple of points:
      • How would you report a security issue?
        • Strongly prefer that people use instead of YouTrack.  The YouTrack ticket system is public, so everyone can see sensitive information like barcodes, usernames and passwords.
      • Where do R & D team members work on issues?
        • They will work on security issues outside of YouTrack with minimal detail tracking tickets in YouTrack when appropriate.
      • How will the community be notified?
        • Once there is a fix on the production server, the R & D team will announce the security issue and that the fix is now in place.   

Conferences ALA Midwinter, code4lib

  • Jordan presented at ALA Midwinter conference at the ALCTS Symposium on Friday, February 9th. It was a session for the Association of Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS). She spoke about creating archives, sustainability and access.
  • The key part about code4lib for the R& D team was connecting with many of the Discovery Partners.

Release Notes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, March 6
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