Meeting Minutes for 04/03/2018

Discovery Committee Meeting
April 6th, 2018

YouTrack Tips & Tricks

  • Ashley demoed how to save searches, and how to set up notifications and a dashboard in YouTrack
  • Pika - YouTrack Notifications and Dashboards documentation
  • Pika - Pika - YouTrack Notifications and Dashboards recording

Priorities for Next Release
Review of the status from the previous and current months.

  • Virtualize Marmot and Aspencat Production Servers (Mercury Server)
    • Complete
  • Hoopla Integration
    • Account integration done
    • Search and indexing will be done after Sierra Export APIs
  • Next eContent Integration
    • Researching the RBdigital APIs right now
    • If Zinio and Record Books APIs are similar, they will be taken care of together
    • Otherwise, might come back to the group for a vote on RBdigital or Kanopy
  • LION Implementation/Sierra APIs
    • In progress
    • Launch date will be May 2018
  • Sierra APIs
    • In progress
  • Bug Fixes
    • Multiple bugs fixed
    • Might continue using bugs for training Ashley

Other Completed Work:

  • Fixes for security report findings
    • Most was already discussed earlier in the meeting.  This information is available on the recording.
    • Had some Drupal security fixes that needed to be taken care of by R & D.

Pika Roadmap
Next Release

  • Still deciding which eContent integration to work on next, there is no card for it yet.
  • Some follow-up for the Sierra APIs was also done for Horizon to stay on top of developing for all ILSes.

Conversation topics:

  • Who uses ILLiad?
    • Somethings are coming up with ILLiad, which is an interlibrary loan service, APIs with a couple of the libraries.
    • If you use ILLIad and are interested in APIs, please send your interest to
    • R & D wants to start gathering the information
  • Review of item and grouped statuses
    • Jordan is going to be looking at the grouped statuses, and wanted to form a small subgroup or subcommittee to discuss this with her.
    • Jordan was looking at the list of statuses that were prompted by some questions from Arlington.
    • Wondering how useful all of the statuses are for patrons, and maybe be able to simplify them.  
    • One in particular is the In Transit status.  In the list of holds, in transit makes sense. Outside of the holds list, it can be misleading for patrons.  
    • Another example that may be confusing for patrons is the In Processing status.
    • We can do some simplification so this is less confusing for your patrons.
    • If anyone is interested in working on simplifying the status with Jordan, please email with your interest.
    • Jordan will get a meeting setup for those who want to participate.

Conferences Updates:

  • Lloyd from Marmot is going to be presenting and doing a forum on documentation at IUG on Thursday, April 26.

Release Notes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, April 3
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