Release Notes for 04/03/2018

Pika Release Notes 2018.03.0
Released April 5, 2018
New Functionality

  • Alternate title cataloged in MARC tag 245 subfields b, n and p are now indexed for title searches

  • Sierra API based Extract process
    • Using Hybrid approach for extract utilizing the fast MARC download as well as the slower JSON approach.
    • Optimized to not regroup MARC exports that have not changed.


  • LION Pika implementation
    • Indexing driver for LION cataloging practices
    • Preliminary consortium theme created, example library theme built (Blackstone Memorial)
    • Library and Location settings refined during/after on-site visit
    • Updated determination of formats, audience, and suppression rules

Bug Fixes

  • Status terms On Order and Coming Soon removed from subject and topic facet    


  • Fixed display of Author Notes in full record view when the author note data comes from Syndetics.    

  •  Display login errors when the Login page is used (rather than the pop-up window)


  •     ​“Add titles to list” pop-up incorrectly added items to an User List if blank lines were a part of the input


  • Links to Prospector incorrectly parsed when the search term included the ? character





  • Removed Show “Text This” configuration option for Library and Location Admin pages
  • Removed obsolete RDF view (inherited from original VuFind)
  • Only display the staff view Clear Islandora Cache button for libraries that have the archive enabled.  (This is only displayed for opac and archive admins.)


  • Add additional notice to the display option for Fountas & Pinnell data in the Library




  • Admin page that this data must be present in the MARC records.
  • My CheckOuts page did not display the title ratings on checkouts for libraries using CarlX, Horizon and Koha ILSes
  • Allow for longer URL replacement Regular Expressions for Records to Include


  • Array of values passed through URL parameters
    • on Author View page with an array of authors only the last author is used
    • searches with an array of search sources passed, the first search source is used
    • searches with an array of search types, the first search type is used
    • Book  cover URLs with array(s) of values for isbns, upcs or ids, the last value is used.
  • Enhanced checks on API and AJAX calls
    • Generate error response for calls with an array of values for the “method” parameter
    • Generate error response for calls that have an array of values for username or password
    • Removed Genealogy ajax calls
  • Any html tags embedded within a Grouped Work view URL are removed
  • Remove any html tags from entries stored in search term table
  • If any html tags are embedded in the first two sections of the URL after the hostname eg (/MyAccount/Home), an error page is generated.
  • Reading History Page using an Invalid patron will generate a error page
  • Removed obsolete MyAccount/GetCard, now redirects to MyAccount/SelfReg

Additional Work

  • Marmot catalog now live on new virtual server
  • Drupal critical security update; core and module updates
  • Code deployment issue for Arlington
  • Updated Marmot Overdrive collection token/products key to match the token that the API reports
  • Added example html code to for creating an archive search box (ie for library home pages)
  • Re-issue of wildcard * and * ssl certificates
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, April 3
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