Release Note for 05/01/2018

Pika Release Notes 2018.04.0
Released May 3, 2018
New Functionality

  • Complete LION Pika Implementation
    • Google Analytics enabled
    • Sideload setups
      • Lynda
      • Kanopy
      • RBDigital Audiobooks and eBooks
    • Built Custom Themes for 28 of the 30 LION libraries
    • Ensured nearby location settings work correctly so that hold pickup locations are ordered properly for LION patrons
    • Finalized initial settings for Libraries and Locations
    • Setup time-to-reshelve for LION
    • Setup all of their browse categories
    • Self Registration setup for LION libraries that use that
    • Added LION consortium logo to the footer along side Pika logo
    • Updated configuration so on order records display correctly
    • Configured Audience search facet
    • Load and Performance tested LION production Pika server
  • Sierra APIs Extraction
    • Day time indexing update enhancements
      • Record Bib additions
      • Record Bib deletions
      • Bcode 3 updates - bib and item level suppression
      • Item additions and deletions
      • Item changes, beyond current status updates (eg. barcode or call number changes)
      • Day time updating of record grouping for any of the above changes
  • Large Number of changes within Sierra do not halt Pika indexing process.  There is an upper limit of changes to process. Default value is 2500 changes.
  • Turned on for LION production use  
  • Normalization of Series Info data

  • Pika now indexes Series data from Novelist    

  • In a record view, the Also in this Series section, when a title is clicked, if a library does not have that title,  a clarify message is displayed in the pop-up.


  • Manual Grouped Work merging & unmerging
    • Added instructions notes on New entry pages for recommended information to include in Notes field


  • For manual merging, disallow manual merging of grouped work that is already the destination work of another manual merging.


  • Ordering of a library/locations browse categories when no categories are specifically set for their carousel.  The order set for the default library will be used. (


  • Staff view section on a Hoopla Record page will now display additional data collected from the Hoopla APIs

Digital Archive Updates

  • New archive restriction setting in Pika to privatize collections from other libraries and home library “Archive Private Collections”

Bug Fixes

  • Anne Arundel Self Registration form was missing a library from the list for a registrant’s preferred library.
  • Location Admin option Suppress Holdings removed from interface.  This functionality has been replaced by using Records Owned & Records to Include configurations as well as indexing profile configurations.


  • Fixed editing a list. (Released in a patch already)
  • List Widgets being created by Library Managers or Location Managers were not being correctly assigned to their library


  • Fort Lewis Naxos and Naxos Jazz collection
  • sideload updates are now downloaded directly from Lynda through a API that generates MARC data of their collection

Additional Work

  • Marc splitting utility stopped building updated split marc files.  These files are used by the Universities to forward on their collections to the EBSCO Discovery Service.  This is working now and current recordsets are now being delivered to external partners.


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, May 1
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