Meeting Minutes for 06/05/2018

Discovery Committee Meeting
June 5th, 2018

  • Team Transition
    • Adam Murray is the new Executive Director for Marmot
      • His start date is July 30th
    • Mark Noble and Jordan Fields have moved on to other career opportunities
    • Digital Archive
      • Responsibilities for the Digital Archives have moved over to Brandon Cole’s User Services team.
      • There is collaboration between User Services and R&D for Digital Archives as well
    • Pascal Brammeier is the lead developer
    • Ashley Sneesby is stepping into the role of product manager for the Sacramento implementation
  • Current 2018 Priorities
    • Critical Operations
      • Making sure that everything that is in place is running
    • Committed Implementation needs to be top priority
      • Sacramento implementation
      • Addison Public Library implementation
      • Aurora implementation
      • Aspencat ILS Migration
      • Horizon ROA Patron Integration Implementation
  • Discussion of functionality to be developed in the next release
    • Priorities for Next Release
      • Review of the status from the previous and current months.
      • This will be the last time the priorities for next release will be used
    • Priority
    • Sacramento Public Library Implementation
      • Initial implementation in-progress
      • Servers are spun up and R & D is working with data
    • LION Implementation/Sierra APIs
      • Work completed
      • Launched!
    • Hoopla Integration
      • Postponed until after Sacramento
      • Indexing still needs to be finished
  • Pika Roadmap - Next Release
  • Sierra APIs
    • Mark had completed the API extract
    • Pascal was going to do the patron account integration
    • Will need to delay putting this into production for at least one more release
    • Pascal needs to learn how the entire process works
    • Sierra API is live for LION and running reliably well
    • Marmot test has one problem locking up while running the Sierra API extract
      • Pascal needs more time to look into the issue
    • Sierra patron APIs is postponed as well
  • NoveList Select credential update
    • If you get a notice from EBSCO about your NoveList credentials, please forward it to Pascal  
  • MUG (October 4th & 5th) Conference Presentation
    • The Council decided that it would be great for all the Marmot committees would present at MUG
    • What do Marmot Member libraries want to see at MUG this year concerning Pika?
    • Would anyone on Discovery Committee have an interest in presenting at MUG?
      • If so, let us know what you’d like to present on and we’ll touch base with you.
      • Not necessarily limited to Marmot members - Discovery Partners have presented at past MUG conferences
      • James from Nashville offered to do a tour of Pika for all the member libraries
        • He would present remotely
      • Anna from Grand County suggested a hands-on workshop for uploading photos for cover art
      • Beth offered to coordinate suggestions
      • Ashley started a MUG Discovery Google Doc to share ideas

Release Notes

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, June 5
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