Meeting Minutes for 07/03/2018

Discovery Committee Meeting
July 3, 2018

Release Notes

  • Questions from James at Nashville
    • Is any Sierra library using the Patron API in lieu of batch loading patron records? And which libraries are batch loading patron records?
      • Marmot libraries are not accessing the API for patron loading
      • FLC libraries are also interested in hearing from libraries who are using the Patron API
      • This might be a good question for the Sierra Listserv
    • Is anyone willing to share manual Grouped Work entries? (Nashville is; we've got about 3500)
      • Group Work IDs are universal
      • The Group Work ID for a title at Nashville is the same as the ID for Marmot
      • Pascal agreed that this could be a good idea to map a master list to update all the sites
      • If you are interested, send an email to
      • Is anyone considering machine learning or other processes to help Pika grouping?
      • If you are interested, send an email to
    • Is anyone considering machine learning or other processes to help identify and eliminate duplicate patron records?
  • MUG (October 4th & 5th) Conference Presentation
    • This MUG Discovery Google document contains a list of all the ideas for the MUG session from the Discovery Committee
    • Beth wondered if there were any additional topics
    • Beth asked for volunteers to be on a panel or do part of the presentation
    • Beth offered to be on a panel or do part of the presentation
      • She also wrote a paper (with a former Marmot member from CCU) about the versatility of Pika through customizability.   It was a public vs academic point of view about Pika.
      • She will contact James to talk about how he can present remotely, and she can physically present at MUG
  • There is MUG Hands-on Session Registration
    • Small session
    • First come, first served!
    • Register soon
    • This is for veterans and new Pika admins
    • Even veterans can learn new things, because Pika is constantly being developed

Pika Roadmap
Release Priorities
These are the projects that the R&D team is committed to finishing this year

  • Three implementations
    • Sacramento Discovery Partner implementation is happening now
    • Addison implementation will start in August
    • Aurora implementation will be sometime later this year
  • The Horizon ROA Driver is scheduled for September
  • The AspenCat migration may start around September as well
  • Sierra API extract
    • The things that Pascal knows are broken, he has not been able to fix yet
    • The Sierra API extract for the Marmot test site gets stuck
    • Turned it on for Sacramento as another test case
      • It is also getting stuck with their test site as well
  • Pascal will work on trying to get this issue fixed in the next release
    • He does not know the cause, so he does not know the solution
    • He will not bring any other Sierra libraries live on the Sierra API yet
  • A secondary problem with the Sierra API that was uncovered is it was erroneously deleting grouping for LION
    • Grouping for that bib would end up deleted, so it would not appear in search results
    • Pascal created a work-around to restore the incorrectly deleted groupings,so those records appear in search results
    • The problem should be solved by this release
  • Sacramento OverDrive issue that R&D has not encountered yet
    • They are working with two OverDrive accounts
      • Sacramento Public Library has an OverDrive account that is not shared
      • Consortium members are county libraries that have another OverDrive account with a shared collection
      • Pika is built on the assumption that a single Pika site is working with one OverDrive account and one shared collection for the entire site
        • Pascal needs to build out that assumption so there can be more than one OverDrive account in place at a time
        • This is located in the guts of the OverDrive integration so there might be a challenge or a bandwidth issue
        • Stephanie from Anne Arundel mentioned that R&D should have had the same issue with them
        • Pascal will check to see if the problem has already been solved
  • Ashley thanked all the Marmot Members and Discovery Partners for their patience with the limited R&D staff
  • The new Marmot Executive Director is Adam Murray who will start on July 30th
  • Pascal has a plan he would like to discuss with the new director about R&D staffing

The next Discovery meeting is on Tuesday, August 7th.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, July 3
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