Release Notes for 07/03/2018

Pika Release Notes 2018.06
Released July 5, 2018

New Functionality

  • Sacramento Implementation
    • Indexing of econtent records from Sierra so treated as external econtent records rather than print records  
  • Suppression settings in place
  • Finished translation maps
  • Format indexing - Prefers Sacramento Material Type, if not available uses the default format logic
  • Audience indexing
    • Display of custom values (teen, children)
    • Grouping correctly with values for Overdrive records
    • Overdrive values can display with desired translations        

  • Added in Last indexing
    • Facets values were initially wrong due to improper handling of econtent records

  • Consortium views require turning on “Include All Records In Date Added Facets"         

  • Extract and indexing of On Order records
  • Call Number indexing
  • Movie Rating indexing - additional patterns checked in the 521a    

        ​    Consortium theme created

  • Initial Sacramento Public Library and Folsom Public Library themes created
  • Improvements to Indexing Profile Admin page
    • Subsections added to ease navigation    


  •  Additional suppression fields included at item level
  • Item types


  • ​​Shelving locations

BCode3 suppression added for Sierra

  • No longer hard coded - can now be edited in the indexing profile
    • Will need to remove existing suppression coding for each site
      • Only Marmot and Sacramento have had this done so far
  • Marmot will now be suppressing BCode3 “v” for “on the fly” records    


  • ILS Econtent record handling for Anne Arundel

Bug Fixes

  • Manual grouping of records
    • Specifically there were issues manually grouping works from side loaded collections or grouping records for physical items for libraries using Sierra API extract (LION)
    • Added a check to group unchanged files when for merges even when underlying MARC data hasn’t changed
  • Edits to loan rules with large amount of entries
    • Users can now make edits and additions for single entries without having to use the CSV/INI work around    
  • Format displays for external eBook records stored in Symphony
    • Created some new translation maps to ensure correct display
    • Special suppression of locations    


  • LION On Order Records
    • not all were displaying, some that shouldn’t have been displaying were
  • Implemented non-holdable Item Types for Wake County


  • New RBDigital sideload profiles created for individual LION sites
  • EBSCO eBooks for AspenCat site Community College of Aurora
  • Cover images for LION RBDigital magazines (Zinio)

Additional Work

  • Evaluated sample records for Aspencat Koha migration
  • Updated Aspencat test site with data from production
  • Novelist data for Flatirons
  • NY Times Lists updating
    • We starting hitting the daily limits on the API. Test sites now use a different API key
    • Production sites will update daily now
  • Extraction of wait list (hold) counts  for Anne Arundel restored
  • Update Reading History notice language
  • CSS for slogan for Wallingford at LION

Documentation Work

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, July 3
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