Meeting Minutes for 08/07/2018

Discovery Committee Meeting
August 7, 2018

SCRUM development management process overview

  • SCRUM is a framework for managing work, particularly for software development
  • SCRUM boiled down to a sentence:
    • “Choose the most important thing to build, build that thing within a set time, put into the world so your customers can start using it and give you valuable feedback.”
  • Within a chosen interval (sprint/release), build a piece of working product
    • Monthly releases tied to committee schedule
    • Demonstrate the work to stakeholders
    • Put the new work in to the world, and use the real world feedback to guide further work
  • Prioritize word pieces and continually evaluate priorities
    • Road Map
    • Daily team meeting (stand-up) R&D evaluate in response to how work progresses
    • Formally, the Marmot Product Owner maintains a backlog and orders by priority
  • Plan just enough
    • Do enough planning to get the chosen priorities for the sprint done
    • Adapt - adjust plans as new facts are learned

R&D Agile Board is used to track the progress of YouTrack tickets

  • Scheduled - Things to accomplish this sprint
  • In Progress - Things that are being worked on now
  • Needs External Input - The team has questions for you
  • Ready for Verification - Development work that needs to be tested
  • In Verification - The development work that is being tested
  • Needs Acceptance - The product owner would put their final approval on the ticket
  • Done or Accepted - Things that are built and  ready for deployment
  • Discovery Partner Implementation - This was created for migrations
  • Feature - Issues that are building new functionality in Pika
  • Bugs - A list of things that are broken
  • Questions and Clarifications - Tickets that are informational and questions that need to be answered
  • Maintenance Issues - These are operational things that need to be fixed or updated
  • Configuration Issues - These are settings that need to be changed or something on the server needs to be updated

Demo of new features & bug fixes for upcoming release
Release Notes

Discussion of development priorities for the next release
Road Map

  • Current Release
    • Sacramento Discovery Partner Implementation
      • Go live planned for September
    • Diacritics Handling in Pika
      • Diacritics are not displaying special characters correctly in Pika
      • Send examples of display issues to
    • Sierra API Extract
      • Still trying to figure out why the API is deleting works that should not be deleted
  • Next Release
    • Addison Implementation
      • They are a single site Sierra library
      • Kick off call is August 9th
    • AspenCat Migration
      • Will start next release
    • Horizon ROA Driver
      • Will start next release
  • Next Quarter
    • DPLA Feed Improvements
      • The next round of DPLA ingest will be in October
    • New Team Member(s) On-Boarding
      • Hopefully this will be happening in October

Reports from libraries on special projects

  • Flatirons is waiting for the Prospector/INN-Reach issue to get sorted out to upgrade to Sierra 4.0
  • Flatirons is also looking to upgrade to the new i~tiva talking tech
  • Nashville is also on i~tiva.  James would be interested to know if any libraries are considering dropping phone notifications all together?
    • Flatirons uses Shoutbomb text messaging
      • Shoutbomb has a new phone notice that is similar to their text messaging, but it is actually a voice message  
        • Downside of the notices is they say the item title which is not good when sent to a shared home phone
  • Nashville has recently redone their patron loader, which gets public school students library cards
    • In the Pika source code for the drivers for the various ILS, we could build a generalized tool for public libraries to facilitate that work
    • Contact James ( if you would be interested in using such a tool
    • Flatirons may be interested and will contact James to chat more about it

MUG 2018 in Grand Junction on October 4th and 5th

  • “Hands-On Pika Session” - still have room! Sign up here.
    • This session is good for novices to experts
  • Beth Gallinger and James Staub will be presenting as Discovery Committee members - yay!
    • Beth will be talking about how Pika works for public and academic libraries, and consortiums
    • James will be comparing Pika to other discovery layers

Documentation updates

  • Grouped works not to merge
    • Change language in the documentation that was very specific to Sierra to more generalized language for everyone
  • Quick discussion of Pika documentation language -- how can we make everything less specific to Marmot / Sierra libraries for ease of use for all Discovery Partners
    • Pika documentation will be updated to not be so specific to Sierra and Marmot libraries
    • Please let us know ( if you find any documentation that is difficult to us, because it is too specific to the Sierra ILS or Marmot members
    • There was a request for a facet logic document similar to the Format Facet Logic document
      • Pascal will review the best way to produce this type of information

The next Discovery meeting is on Tuesday, September 4th.

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, August 7
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