Release Notes for 08/07/2018

Pika Release Notes 2018.07.0
Released August 9, 2018
New Functionality

  • Sacramento Public Library Implementation
    • Site visit in mid-July
    • Spun up production server
      • DNS entries created - sites directing out to correct URLs
    • Still finalizing indexing, record displays, facets, and configurations
    • Overdrive integration for multiple accounts in single consortium
      • Indexing for multiple collections.


  • Patron interactions happen through the correct shared collection
  • OverDrive API Information Page


  • Discovered configuration settings that are now obsolete
    • Will likely be removing some values from the configuration pages
  • Completed initial themes
  • Expanded automatic eContent suppression to hide Overdrive records in the ILS
  • Improved handling of ILS eContent records
    • Econtent source determination
  • Hold placement for single-item bibs with item volume information
    • System will now place hold on standalone item with volume information instead of prompting the user to choose an item
  • Moved Arlington suppression settings out of hard-coding to Indexing profile



  • ​We will do this for all Discovery Partners at some point, as the situation dictates
  • Self Registration and PIN resets for Anne Arundel
    • Made allowances that should mitigate need to make changes as Sirsi ILS changes values -- long term fix
  • Format displays improved
    • Formats now look to language present in multiple 250 and 538 MARC fields
    • 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Nintendo DS

  • Improved determination of game formats in general
  • ILS eContent handling from Anne Arundel
    • Moving away from certain collections that were previously sideloaded
    • Need to account for different format and item types
  • OverDrive Magazine format handling
    • Initial display fixes

Bug Fixes

  • NYT lists couldn’t be manually updated
    • NYT API changed to a secure URL
  • Pay fines button on fines page
    • Button wasn’t displaying to link out for payment from page
    • Linked accounts fines weren’t displaying on fines page


  • N/A

Additional Work

  • Migrated AspenCat to LetsEncrypt Certs
  • Fixed secure browsing for LION sites
  • Fetching Marmot Sierra exports
  • Anne Arundel processing of holds counts migrated
  • Suppress records for Santa Fe by shelving locations and iCode2
    • Immediate fix needed to suppress holdings from flooded branch
  • Now indexing an additional status for Anythink as an available status. (y,i,s)
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Tuesday, 2018, August 7
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