Meeting Minutes for 09/04/2018

Discovery Committee Meeting
September 4, 2018

Marmot Developer Position

  • Posting closes September 17th
  • Would like the new person to be introduced at MUG 
  • The timeline for interviews and hiring might not happen before MUG

Demo of new features & bug fixes for upcoming release

Discussion of development priorities for the next release
Road Map
Current Release

  • Sacramento Discovery Partner Implementation
    • Delay due to the lack of Scheduler
  • Horizon ROA Driver
    • Patron integration for Wake County Public Libraries
  • Addison Implementation
    • They are a single site Sierra library
    • Setting up a test site and adding settings
  • AspenCat Migration
    • They are migrating to a new hosted Koha system
    • R&D will be helping with patron integration 

Next Release

  • DPLA Feed Improvements
    • The next round of DPLA ingest will be in October

MUG 2018 in Grand Junction on October 4th and 5th

  • “Hands-On Pika Session” - The session is full. 
  • Beth Gallinger and James Staub will be presenting 
  • “Why Pika is Awesome”
  • The benefits of using Pika

New Discovery Committee Chair Replacement

  • Beth has been chair for one year  
    • She will not be chair next year
  • Should start talking about a replacement now
    • October / November to start conversation
  • Think about volunteering!
    • Email Beth at
    • Email us at 
  • Light workload - sending out reminder emails and agendas, facilitating meetings

Discussion Topics

  • Treatment of On-Order records in “Added in the Last” facet 
    • Items display as On Order
    • The On Order records also show up in the Day or Week facet
      • Has anyone seen any issue with this display of information?
      • Have patrons found seeing On Order records showing in the “Added in the Last” facet for the value of Week confusing?
      • Do order records showing in other values (like Day or Week) have any value or should R&D change the handling of the record display?
      • When patrons do a search looking for items that were added in the last day, do they really want to see on order records?
      • Should order records be excluded from all the other “Added in the Last” values?
    • Members pointed out that this could be a issue when you have an order replacement opposed to a new title
      • Some libraries have added publication date as one of the variables when creating Browse Categories
    • Members do want new On Order records to show up in the “Added in the Last” facet, so the newest titles are displayed on their Pika sites
    • There might be confusion on the part of the patron when an item has been on order for six months, but shows up in the “Added in the Last” Week facet.  
    • What field is Pika pulling from the record that puts the on order record in the facet for the day or week?
      • On Order records are being treated like they were added right now with a zero value
      • Once an order records becomes an item record it will show in the “Added in the Last” facet according to the CDate in the order record
      • On Order records do show in all the “Added in the Last” facet values
    • It will be relatively easy for R&D to change the logic to not include order records in any of the “Added in the Last” other values, and just leave them in the On Order value only
    • One library mentioned that they are not sure if patrons are using the “Added in the Last “ facet, but the Browse Categories for new items is based off using the “Added in the Last” facet, and would not like to lose that functionality
    • There was a suggestion that a checkbox be added in the settings to include On Order to “Added in the Last” facet. 
    • Action Item: Pascal will look into adding a checkbox to decide if On Order records should be included in the  “Added in the Last” facet in the Pika settings.  
  • Introduction of Adam Murray - Marmot’s new director!
    • Adam joined Marmot at the end of July
    • He is excited to learn more about the different services and resources that Marmot provides in Colorado and to our Discovery Partners
    • He thanked the Discovery Partners for their time and efforts to help Marmot to continue to improve service
  • The next Discovery meeting
    • The meeting will still be on October 2nd
    • The code deployment will be on October 9th due to MUG

The next Discovery meeting is on Tuesday, October 2nd

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, September 4
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