Release Notes for 09/04/2018

Pika Release Notes 2018.08.0
Released September 6, 2018

New Functionality

  • Sacramento Implementation nearly done

    • New theming for all sites to follow Nashville styling
    • INN-Reach integration that looks similar to Prospector integration

  • Order records display
    • Consolidated copy display, so when on location has several copies on order, there is a single number - don’t list every single copy on order

  • Diacritics displays improved

  • OPAC mode issues corrected
    • Turned off ‘it’s here’ display for standalone libraries when OPAC mode isn’t on
    • More pop-up label for facets
      • Label now says “More options for [Facet Label]”
    • LetsEncrypt certificate and secure browsing configured for production sites
  • Sierra 4.0 Upgrade
    • Pika handling of new Patron Type and Item Type wild card values
      • Both 999 and 9999 will be treated as wild card values for determining holdability and bookability

Bug Fixes

  • Sacramento Implementation - Linked accounts functionality
    • Fines display corrected
  • Manual ungrouping fixes
    • Previously manual ungrouping wasn’t working correctly for LION ILS records and sideloaded records (all sites)
    • Duplication check that will disallow the user to enter the same bib for ungrouping

  • Diacritics affecting linking in Archive

    • MODS records are now translated to UTF-8 to display diacritics correctly and allow searching / linking by those terms with diacritics


  • RBDigital sideloads for LION library (Essex)
  • Removed remaining obsolete sideloads for Anne Arundel
    • Improved diacritic displays for certain titles

Additional Work

  • AspenCat export delivery issues corrected
  • Set default pickup location to CMC Quigley for CMC patrons without a home branch
  • Reconfigure Santa Fe to allow materials from closed branch to display again


Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, September 4
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