Minutes for 02/10/2015

E-Content Committee Minutes February 10th, 2015

1.1 OverDrive Collection Development - Jimmy

  • OverDrive Reading Rooms – How is this going? Is it working? Positive or negative comments? Titles appropriate for teens?
  • Mary – we don’t use reading room
  • Jocelyn – no marketing yet. No opinion yet.
  • Jimmy - feel free to email comments to Tammy

1.2 OverDrive Budget 2015 Final Draft - Jimmy

  • I sent out a Overdrive budget PDF on 2/09/2015. Highlighting a few items. Everyone at 100% of budget. Call attention to numbers for library. Collectively the money is substantial. Numbers in blue need to be confirmed by libraries. Buying a lot of stuff from Overdrive. Contact Jimmy with the numbers to put it in the budget for your Advantage collection. No budget for non–overdrive materials.
  • Comments: Alysa - Magraw-hill books. Can we gather statistics? This would be the driving force for Magraw-Hill.; Jimmy – some usage reports and see circ stats to see totals for that collection –maybe not checkouts.; MK- looking into the circulation. 
  • Action Item: Tammy will contact Mark Noble to remind this committee how to get to circ stats for nonoverdrive items in Pika.
  • Sharing figures would be interesting to hear, so Jimmy will distribute the spreadsheet and report it out to the group. Platform fee grows each year. Stays low, because we have a grandfathered fee. As we add new members, we inherit the platform fees. Call Jimmy separately to talk about platform fee. Jimmy sent out spreadsheet with what everyone is spending. Access in June – metered access from a consortium wide view. Effort keeping the most heavily used titles for hold and hold queues. Joyce will continue with the metered and max access. We all are depending on Joyce for her valuable work. Does anyone want to work with Joyce?
  • Jocelyn – did not know if that assessment is on an annual basis?
  • Mary – it would be informative to have it explained.
  • Jimmy – increased budget - more titles are coming up for renewal. Allocate $35,000 for that. comment now or later.
  • Jo – will have to grow because of restriction on licenses.
  • Jimmy – go back to directors to talk with them about it. No deadline for finalizing the budget.

1.3 Harper Collins, Penguin - How to "Manage Metered Access content with ease in OverDrive Marketplace" -Amy & Joyce

  • We talked about this with the non-overdrive items.
  • Jimmy - Amy how much more do we want to talk about this?
  • Amy – do we need to weed our collection for items without license? Want to know what is happening to items related to the consortium collection.
  • Jimmy – Who gets those emails?
  • MK – everyone who is a selector gets these emails.
  • Jimmy - Everyone can ignore the emails except for Joyce.
  • MK – Joyce does an analysis of the collection before making a decision. She orders depending on the amount of money available.
  • Jimmy – Does anyone want to help Joyce? Alysa offered to talk with Joyce about dividing the workload. One person dealing with renewals and other dealing with holds and allocating a budget for each, so Joyce and Alysa will know.
  • Amy – do we need to weed the consortium titles? Jimmy asked Alysa to bring that question to Joyce.

1.4 Max Access - How we deal with "OverDrive Simultaneous Use Plan Renewal Notifications." -Joyce & MK – 25 titles from blackstone audio.

  • It is on a 12 month – January to January subscription. Titles more for the High School reading list. Englewood school likes it. Joyce does a lot of collection development usage we only dropped one title. We keep everything, because they have been used. Dukes classic collection is not one that we wanted to renew. We looked at other simultaneous use products, but this has been the one we have stuck with. We just renewed in January. During the year if you want to do something better contact Joyce or Mary Katherine.
  • Comments. - none

1.5 OverDrive Warner Brothers video streaming - Vail, Wilkinson, Bud, etc. are satisfied with Hoopla. Anybody besides CMC interested in OverDrive video? –Yuliya

  • Overdrive showed them video streaming. We have Hoopla. Where do we stand with this? We have not done anything with Hoopla because not enough interest from the consortium. Nothing pressing on the horizon that Marmot needs to do. Does anyone want to make a case for doing anything bigger?
  • Genevieve – interested in Hoopla. What would make this happen for the consortium?
  • Action item - Tammy - Covene a meeting of the Hoopla users Englewood, Vail, Wilkinson, Bud, Pitkin, Gunnison. What are the costs involved with Hoopla. What would make it attractive for the consortium? Doodle poll with interested times.

2. Other e-resource options

  • 2.1 Zinio - Status of order by participating libraries –Tammy
  • An Excel spreadsheet was created with informational tabs for checks, financial information, renewals and new titles was sent out on February 9th. The Zinio libraries are reviewing the information. We can renew all the current titles; add Conde Nast and new titles. Marmot is waiting for the information back from the libraries to decide what new titles to add to the shared collection.
  • Amy – can we increase the number of copies with restrictions instead of ordering more magazines?
  • Tammy - I will look at the checkouts to compare the items with restrictions.
  • Action item: - Aylsa volunteered to get the new titles and remove old titles from Zinio. She will also put the pictures for the Zinio magazines.

3. ECC page in the wiki –Tammy

  • The group was able to see the new page on the wiki. All the members are listed on the Marmot.org page. There is a link on the wiki to the ECC page. Tammy has put all the past meeting notes on the ECC wiki page.

Next meeting on March 10th we will discuss items 2.2 – 2.4

  • 2.2 Britannica ebooks - Do we want to purchase "youth library collection, applied science collection, etc." –Jimmy
  • 2.3 Gutenberg collection - Do we want to expand on the CLiC base of ~400 titles? –Mark
  • 2.4 McGraw-Hill ebooks - renewal? –Jimmy Meeting adjourned at 2:09 p.m. 
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, February 10
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