Minutes for 05/12/2015

E-Content Committee Minutes May 12, 2015

Report on McGraw-Hill and Britannica – Jo, Chris, Shelley, Jimmy

  • How will pay for these? Jimmy to get back with them to get the $ amount. McGraw Hill’s process to do this is awkward. Up to $10,000
  • Action Item: Tammy to draft McGraw-Hill order for newest editions of clusters already purchased.

OverDrive Sunsetting WMA titles – lose 607 titles – a lot of popular titles. Amy Shipley

  • FAQ on OverDrive. Store credit of $.50 per checkout. Need path toward replacing these titles with another format. Letter of complaint sent to OverDrive. OverDrive will provide a list of these WMA technologies that no longer exist. Where will the money go? Credit will be applied to “your” account. What does this mean? Action Item: Shelley to call OverDrive about issues noted above.

Digital Access Holds [question of whether any newly registered patrons with temp cards should be allowed to download eBooks]

  • Happens with patron self-registration. Unintended consequence. We need to agree whether or not self-registered patrons can get eBooks. Shelley, Joyce, Heidi, no. Do we have any numbers of how many are checking out eBooks? Jimmy to send out this number. How many people are using patron self-register. Provisional decision to say no. Eagle Valley, Englewood, Gunnison, Mesa, Pitkin and Vail.
  • Action Item: Jimmy to forward report of circ stats for eBooks bought direct from publishers (for this item #3 and item #7). Brandon to standardize loan rules so self-registered patrons can NOT get eBooks.

Hoopla, eBooks, financial controls and unsubscribed collections 

  • Hoopla allows individual libraries control –pay-forview model. How should Marmot do controls. Monthly expense limit – checkouts control? Through Pika – how to exercise financial controls. Pika doesn’t know how to do this right now? Does anyone in the group need the financial controls? Bud Werner does not control anything. In Vail, they have put controls on # of checkouts – 10 per month. Does Hoopla have the financial controls? Hoopla using libraries get with R & D – ask Pascal and Mark about this. Hoopla has special requirements.
  • Action Item: Pascal & Mark to identify Hoopla specific requirements for development.


  • We want to verify that Zinio has done a better job with APIs and has a competitive title list. Flipster now has 400 titles, e.g. Consumer Reports. EBSCO rep brought up Flipster. Presentation is in July. Only 12 public libraries are using these. Mostly want to just stick with Zinio. Demo of all three products in September. Progress report demo in July, August. The renewal for Zinio is in February. If we do not change vendors we are accepting Zinio until January of 2017.
  • Action Item: Shelley will send email out to the whole group to ask them how they would like to move forward with the process. Jimmy will let the vendor know to sit tight for now.

“Individual Library” issues 

  • GoToMeeting webinar tool seemed problematic. Tammy will use an Ethernet connection instead of Wi-Fi next time.
  • ebooksrforever. Marmot bought some – they are not working with the big 5. They created an online shopping cart. Do we want to look at them again? Find out usage stats… are they broken down by e-source?
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Tuesday, 2015, May 12
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