Minutes for 01/12/2016

E-Content Committee Meeting 1/12/2016

Max Access Renewal (Blackstone Audio) – Joyce

  • We started the Blackstone Audio, simultaneous use, back in 2006. We started with 150 titles. As time has gone on, we have been reducing them. It was important that these were books that were being read at the various schools libraries around the Marmot area. This was done, so a group of students could listen to the same titles in a same timeframe. Now, it is 25 titles that are the most popular, or most used over the years.
  • A report was run to show the checkouts for 2015, so people would have an idea of their use. See the report sent out by email on January 4th with the title, "Circulation Activity for Blackstone Audio from 1/1/2015 - 12/31/2015 (OverDrive)." The report shows the most popular books to the least popular books by checkout. Joyce wanted to verify that this is something that is still worthwhile, because it cost us about $1500 dollars or more for the renewal. Joyce wanted to know if these titles are still the best option, or do we need to drop some, and add others? Joyce was not sure if we would decide this as a group, or have Tammy or herself make the decision? The 25 Blackstone audio titles will cost $2250 for the year. The idea is that we own these individual titles, and they would be available for as many people who wanted them. Joyce mentioned that sometimes we picked a popular book that was just made into a movie, and we thought a lot of people would want it. Some titles that schools wanted were not include, because they were not available with Blackstone. The deadline to decide what titles we want to purchase is Friday, January 15th.
  • Action Item: Shelley will get in touch with the school people to make sure we are spending the money in a way that benefits them. Shelley will get back to Tammy, because she will be the person who will do the renewal.

Overdrive Notice Fixes – Alysa

  • Back in November, Alysa got an Overdrive notice for a hold. She tested all the links. One link was broken, and the other link did not make sense anymore. She sent a request to rewrite the notice, and repair the link. She retested the broken link, and it is still not fixed. She can touch base with Mark on that link. She wondered who was rewriting the notice, or how it gets changed?
  • Action Item: Tammy will get in touch with Mark and Overdrive to find out how to change the notice.

Biblioboard Presentation Video – Katie Davis & Emily Gooding

Read-Along – Liz

  • Liz wanted to let everyone know that she added a curated list of Read-Alongs for our Overdrive. This came from a patron request. If anyone purchases a Read-Along, please include them in the list. She added some local content with a local author for the book "Death Becomes Us." There are 50 copies available for checkout. She found the process easy, and not cumbersome at all. There is no Kindle version even though it is a Kindle title, it was only available in ePUB.

Other Agenda Items

  • Joyce wanted to thank everyone for contributing more money to the consortium for the downloadable collection. This will help Joyce and Alysa do a much better job of renewing titles that are expiring, and adding extra copies to lessen holds.
  • Please thank all your directors for agreeing to give more money this year, because it will make this process a lot easier to maintain. Please send Shelley any agenda items for the next meeting. There will be a side discussion for the Zinio libraries.
  • Jimmy received information about some libraries who are interested in joining Zinio. He has a quote from Zinio that assumes that all the 16 public libraries could go into a shared Zinio collection. The six libraries who are not in Zinio yet, can attend a presentation by the Zinio rep. Jimmy will send out a Doodle Poll to those libraries to find the best time to meet Friday, January 15th. We are getting ready to do a renewal, but it is complicated, because Mesa County may be joining. If they join, that may put us into a different price model. Jimmy will talk to the libraries who are not in Zinio yet, and get back to everyone else to see what this might do to all the Zinio libraries. 
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2016, January 12
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