Minutes for 11/08/2016

E-Content Committee Meeting

OverDrive - Support and Marketing Materials - Andy Bucher

OverDrive - Partner Analysis Review (PAR) - Jennifer Reynard

Based on the PAR Jennifer recommends the following curated collections.  OverDrive can create additional monthly featured collections for you and/or publish them.  Please let Jennifer know if this is something you would like to schedule.

PressReader Demo - David Adimora

PressReader has current news publications from around the world.  It delivers an endless stream of top news stories to read, discuss and share.  Get full issues of thousands of top newspapers and magazines just as they appear in print.

  • Q: Is the branding by library or by the consortium?
  • A: You can get individual library branding, or branding for the consortium.  It is fully customizable.
  • Q: What was the message about 22 hour and 58 minutes of complimentary access when you logged on?
  • A: When a library gets setup, they can provide access to their patrons to connect to Wi-Fi.  If patrons do not have a card for your library, they can be gifted access to the publication.  The access will only last for about 24 hours, or whatever access the library sets. If you have a library card, a patron can access the publications from anywhere in the world.
  • Q: Why do you need a Wi-Fi hotspot?
  • A: If you buy PressReader as a consortium, it would be based on population served.  Each library would have a different population served.  The library would have their own specific IP range. 
  • Q: If we purchase PressReader, do we get ALL titles with the subscription?
  • A: Yes, you get all the titles.
  • Q: Do you allow libraries to use a proxy server for access?
  • A: Yes, they allow libraries to use a proxy server.
  • Q: Do you offer an API to feature titles in our catalog?
  • A: Yes, they offer a customized API.



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Tuesday, 2016, November 8
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