Meeting Minutes for 04/11/2017

Bibliotheca to talk about their 3-M Cloud Library (45 minutes) - Brett Ward
Video Recording of the Presentation

  • Q: Do you offer APIs so we can integrate your collection within our catalog?
  • A: Yes.  They share their API, so you can have the integration piece within the catalog.
  • Q: Is there a way to change the name of the PPU collection to something like "always available"
  • A: Yes. All the featured shelf names are fully customizable.
  • Q: Can patrons "sample" a PPU title before checking it out?
  • A: Only with the eAudiobooks. The eBooks will need to be checked out. They are working on adding eBook samples that is on their roadmap.
  • Q: How would we find out what titles are in the pay per use collection, so we would know if they would be title are patrons would be interested in?
  • A: There is a full catalog of what is available on the pay-per-use. Brett can share that with anyone who requests the list.
  • Q: Are there platform fees for this product?
  • A: Yes. The platform fee is based on population served. Bibliotheca’s platform fee is a third less than OverDrive.
  • Q: Does it matter that there are academic libraries in the Marmot group?
  • A: No, it does not matter if you are an academic library. They are open to all library customers.
  • Q: How does the platform fee translate to academic libraries?  FTE?
  • A: The platform fee is based on the number of cardholders, or population severed. This would be based on the number of students.
  • Q: Any comparisons to Hoopla?
  • A: They pretty much have the same content as Hoopla. With the eBook portion coming this summer, they have gotten some new publishers to come to the simultaneous use access market, or pay-per use.
  • Q: What compatibility do you offer for eReaders like Kindle Paperwhite?  
  • A: They are compatible with the Nook eReaders and Kobo eReaders.  They are not compatible with the Kindle eReaders.  
  • Any individual library can pursue this product on their own.  You can talk to Marmot about getting any MARC records loaded into the catalog.  Marmot has not done anything with their APIs for this product. We will not take the time to make this work in Pika, if no member is interested. Please let Marmot know if you purchase it.  

Action Item: Jimmy will get a quote from Bibliotheca to find out how much it will cost to migrate the entire OverDrive collection.   

Reviewing the E-Content Collection Development Guidelines  
The guideline is out of date, and needs to be updated.  Jimmy shared a few collection development policies that we could look through to find information to update the document.    

Sample Ebook Collection Development Policies – statewide or consortia  

Action Item: Tammy will update the document to remove any old or outdated information.  She will create a Google Doc to share with Alysa Selby, Joyce Dierauer and Mary Walsh will look over and make suggestions for changes.  

Advantage Sharing and Title Transfer Options

  •  Advantage improvements/options email will be sent out this week.
  •  Any decision that is made is irreversible due to the reporting function.  
  • The group decided to wait until the July 11 meeting to discuss this issue more.

Action Item: Tammy will send out emails to the members who could accidently change the Advantage sharing or title transfer option.   

Next meeting is on Tuesday, July 11 at 1 p.m. 

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2017, April 11
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