Marmot Academic Committee (MAC)

Marmot Academic Committee -MAC (2015 - )

Purpose of the Marmot Academic Committee (MAC) 

  • Formalize communications in our messages to Marmot; develop a strong consensus; strength of purpose; Marmot has a large public library contingent--ensure that the Academics have a strong voice; empower the Academics; use the meetings to create a better means of communication between libraries and between the libraries and Marmot
  • Explore the possibility of group purchasing
  • Facilitate exchanges (of staff between libraries)
  • Develop best practices
  • Pika issues are our current priority but do not need to be formalized in the charge as we hope to move beyond them soon

MAC meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month.  The Marmot Meetings Calendar shows meeting times and the meeting link.  

MAC Meeting Topics (Google Doc)

Marmot Academic Committee Members

Committee Chair Position is Open

Lloyd Chittenden - Marmot Library Network
Tammy Poquette - Marmot Library Network

Adams State University

Amanda Langdon-DeVaul
Jeffrey Bullington
Katherine "Kat" Parker
Mary Walsh

Aims Community College

Carol Satersmoen
Cathy Glaser
Douglas Strauss

Colorado Christian University

Gayle Gunderson
Oliver Schulz

Colorado Mesa University

Jamie Walker
Sylvia Rael

Colorado Mountain College

Becky Kramer
Elizabeth "Liz" Miller
Jonathan Beam
Kevin Williams
Loretta Vigil
Tracey Urbick
Yuliya Lef

Fort Lewis College

Astrid Oliver
Lauren Connolly
Maureen Alden
Rosalinda Linares
Tyler Dunn

Western Colorado University

Dustin Fife
Nicole Becwar