Meeting Recording Video for 10/27/2015

Thanks to everyone for participating in the survey. We got all 12 responses. Here are the ranked results (#1 being our highest priority). I removed "default to AND search" because Pika already "defaults" to AND -- until it doesn't. Our issue is really that it doesn't allow zero/very few results because it changes to OR at that point. I reworded the default to AND to say "always AND, even when zero/very few results," which is kind of a combination. 
Meeting Topics
1. Stop stemming beyond plurals, then use * for trunction
2. Always an AND search, allow zero/very few results
3. Option for larger, horizontal search box (also supported by many public libraries)
4. More local control in top display (call # size, add publisher info, add format, etc.)
5. Fix problems with grouping because of combined bib records for different editions; show only local bib results
6. Improve admin interface: more logic and clarity, note or remove items not under local control (or those which we shouldn't fool with)
7. (Tie)
7A. Choice to default to expanded bib info for items displayed in groups
7B. Add author, call #, subject, title brows searches
9. Course reserve module in Pika
10. Change list-making: no required login, one click add
Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, 2015, October 27
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