Minutes for 12/17/2012

Database Task Force Meeting Agenda 12/17/2017


5 minutes (Jimmy and Amy)— Database Policy and Renaming the Committee

  • The Board has asked that the policy be named something other than Database, since that sounds like “databases,” not what this committee does.
  • Consequently, “Union Catalog Committee” has been suggested as the new name for this group.
  • Committee members are in agreement to changing the name from Database Task Force to Union Catalog Committee.
  • Most current draft of the policy was accepted by the UCC as written. Jimmy will post it to the group.
  • The email list will be re-created. DBTF will be left as an alias for a short time.
  • Jimmy will make the change on the webpage.

15 minutes (Jimmy)—SkyRiver quote

  • Jimmy has two somewhat related quotes and has put them together. SkyRiver is still very expensive.
  • If Marmot orders a certain amount of subscription services, the members would receive reduced prices.
  • The spreadsheet shows that most members pay less for OCLC access than they would for SkyRiver.
  • The column for “OCLC member annual” needs data from committee members who can provide it for their library and once Jimmy has the data, he will send out the revised version after the first of the year.
  • Shannon reminded us that academic libraries use OCLC for ILL as much as for cataloging. Also OCLC is used by many libraries just to search for specific titles.
  • Other qualities of OCLC….XISBN service….. SkyRiver will be on the agenda for the next meeting.
  • Members of the UCC aren’t in favor of another demo yet but perhaps at a later date.

10 minutes (Amy and Jimmy)—

  • Marmot Strategic Plan
  • Several revisions were made to the latest version of the Strategic Plan as discussion occurred. See changes on the revised version after the rest of the committees meet and contribute their edits. It’s possible that the final draft will be presented to the Board at their February meeting.

10 minutes (Mary Katherine)—

  • Expansion of the OCLC Control Number
  • In November, Keith spoke to Triple I and was told that software engineers were working on these issues for Millennium and Sierra.
  • We should receive an update in the near future.
  • The decision was made several years ago by the DBTF to continue stripping the prefix from OCLC numbers in the 001.
  • Should this practice continue?
  • Would it be possible to restore the prefixes to the 001?
  • VuFind staff view has the prefix, even when the Millennium bib doesn’t.
  • MK will ask III if the prefix really is stripped or just hidden from view.
  • Will expansion of the OCLC numbers cause more duplicates?
  • This really shouldn’t be an issue since the range of numbers is different for the different prefixes. It was decided that it’s best to leave the practice as is.

10 minutes (Mary Katherine)—Authority records and being able to edit/add to them

  • If authority records are edited in our database for see references, would the edits be overwritten when LTI records are updated?
  • Is there a channel to communicate them to LTI?
  • Requests for edits to authority records rarely happens. (Once in the last 10 years.)
  • Requests for cross-references should be sent to Mary Katherine, who will make the change to the authority record.
  • Then she will send the request on to LTI so the change doesn’t get overwritten.

10 minutes (Mary Katherine)—RDA fields, specifically the 264 replacing the 260 - how to handle these

  • Do we need to add the 264 to indexing so that they will display in the oPac?
  • MK will open a user story with Mark for VuFind. Publication information doesn’t show in Classic or in VuFind. “The man who changed the way we eat:” is the example.
  • Mark can call Karen if he needs more information. The subfields in the 264 match the 260 marc tag subfields.

10 minutes (Mary Katherine)—Print items on electronic records – Mary Katherine has numerous examples 

  • Jamie located the OCLC record for the first title in the review file and imported it. It clearly is for the print item.
  • Alysa or Shannon it was decided that Alysa will batch upload records from OCLC for the titles in this create list.
  • After the bibs are batch loaded, each member needs to run a list against this file to find their items and clean them up on individual basis.
  • Mary Katherine will work with the libraries that still have items on the bibs.

10 minutes (Karen)—Moving information from 037 in bib record to item record

  • Mark needs a consistent field to identify eContent materials for display in the oPac.
  • A phone conversation on November 2 involving Mark Noble, Jamie Walker, Kevin Williams, Alysa Selby, Karen Neville, and Mary Katherine covered a discussion of why the data needed to be moved from the 037 marc tags to the 856.
  • Here are the notes from that phone meeting…
    • At today's 037 meeting we determined that most of the problems for the 037 field were caused by the 037 field being at the bib level rather than the item level. Therefore, we suggested moving this information from the bib level to the item level. Because most/all eContent should have an 856 field in them we determined that the 856 would be a good candidate for storing the information from the 037 field.
    • The following fields were suggested:
      • 1) subfield n - will store the source of the item. The information in this subfield will be indexed in the eContent Collection facet. Subfield n replaces subfield b of the 037 field.
      • 2) subfield x - will store the access type for the item. The information in this subfield will be used to setup the items within VuFind and to control how the items display. The information in this facet will be indexed in the eContent Protection Type facet. Subfield x replaces subfield c of the 37 field.
      • We also agreed that subfield 3 of the 856 should continue to be used to store volume information for the item. Alysa indicated that we need to add iType 112 (Database) to the list of formats that VuFind knows how to display as eContent. Process for conversion to use 856 rather than 037 field.
        • 1. Review usage of new subfields with database task force to ensure all libraries approve this solution.
        • 2. Update documentation on Marmot Wiki
        • 3. Contact III to add new fields to export table
        • 4. Update VuFind to utilize new fields
        • 5. Apply new logic to sample records within MillTest
        • 6. Review new logic on opac3 (milltest)
        • 7. Libraries update records to utilize new fields and remove 037 fields as appropriate.
        • 8. Remove logic for using the 037 field from VuFind
        • 9. Remove old logic (pre 037) for determination of eContent from VuFind
  • The 856 should include these subfields -- subfield n (source) and subfield x (method of authentication.) For subscription collections; i.e. ebrary, SpringerLinks – the 856 is moved to the item record. For “open access” bibs; i.e. Marmot Digital collections like OverDrive and Colorado State gov docs online, the 856 stays in the bib. What about open access US government documents? How is Mark identifying these right now?
  • Actions to take -- don’t do steps 8 & 9 from list above until the academics are ready. Updates need to be completed before Mark removes old code. Proceed with steps 1-7 from the list. Break step 7 into two parts and the second part becomes 7.5.
  • Individual libraries will make the changes to the 856s of their own items. MK will make the global changes to the OverDrive & MDL collections and to the State Gov docs collection.

Scheduling a regular meeting – At least for a while…. Once a month, until we run out of agenda items. Amy will create a Doodle poll for the next meeting time that will work for the next several months. These items will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

  • 10 minutes (Penny)—Vendor records vs. incoming bibliographic records
  • 10 minutes (Amy)—Multiple parts on media and bib level holds
  • 10 minutes (Penny) – Letter to Jimmy to ask for more Create Lists files
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Monday, 2012, December 17
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