Minutes for 05/22/2013

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Old Business:

  • (MK)—Multiple formats on the same bib- She will keep checking on this. As she finds pockets of these she will send them out to people to fix. Shannon has government documents that she is fixing as she finds them.
  • (Jamie)- Presentation at Council-questions came up about de-duping that Jamie answered successfully.
  • Mark brought up a question about FRBRization (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records) with the database and the OPAC. Mark will discuss it with Jimmy before bringing the idea back to the UCC for further discussion.
  • Mary Katherine said she wants to talk to Prospector about their de-duplication process and their load tables.
  • (Amy)- Demonstration of acquisitions record workflow- Amy said she has no time to work on this, she will ask Amy Sieving to demonstrate it. Alysa said Amy Sieving did demo this to her and gave her the software, so she is now using it. Anne Johnson is also interested.
  • (MK)—RDA topics: move to new business with the subcommittee, a service commitment with III is an issue Mary Katherine is dealing with right now.

New Business:

  • (MK)—I-types consolidation-an interest that came up after Shannon brought up the Itype issue last month. Marmot is out of I-types; we can't add any more, we need to think of consolidating so that as Marmot grows, we will have I-types for our new libraries to use. Alysa said she doesn't want to have to deal with changing I-types since setting up Collection HQ took months of work and I-types are tightly wound-up in the work. Mark suggested at the Sierra demo next week we can ask III about the possibility of additional I-types with Sierra. There was discussion of the possibility of freeing up some I-types that have only a few items attached to them, such as obsolete formats, etc. - maybe Keith could look into it. 
  • (MK)—What I-type to use for electronic devices? How do we define Electronic resources? Play-a-ways, portable players, it is important to stress, in your library, the importance of being consistent so that your statistical reports are accurate.
  • (Karen)—sharing bib records for e-books and different I-types- work with Mark so that formats according to scope show - he said he prefers not to do that, but he guessed he could do it since it would mostly be e-content. Alysa asked what is web content to our patrons- do we meet the demand so that the facets work correctly. MK cataloging standards need to work in conjunction so that the OPAC works smoothly. Alysa said it's all about the patron so if changing I-types is necessary she will do it.
  • (MK)-Database clean-up projects-came up at the IUG conference- the cleaner our data is the better, so that reports are more reliable and if/when we decide on a new ILS we need a clean database so the migration to the new ILS goes smoothly.
  • (MK)-Review Union Catalog Policy. Mary Katherine reviewed the policy the committee approved in December.
  • Mark will be taking load table training in Boulder, July 1- August 1, he and MK will do a presentation for the UCC after his training.
  • (MK)-Database Integrity Analysis Project- What do we need to do to maintain the database integrity and what do we need to do about authority control? How accurate are our subject headings? What are some of the things we can do to analyze the correctness of things? Alysa said the only thing she can think of for the integrity of the database is to have a standard for the bib records. Mary Katherine said getting the cataloging standards up to speed is a priority.
  • (MK, Amy, Penny)-IUG Report- Amy- went to a session with an Envision ware product and one on cleaning up electronic and print records.
  • Penny went to a session with macros in Create Lists, which were amazing.
  • MK's focus was on Sierra, and the load table forum.
  • (Alysa, MK, Karen, Mark)- Cataloging Standards and RDA Topics- things that we do affect the OPAC, Alysa reviewed an Excel spreadsheet- Marmot Cataloging Standards and VuFind Mapping for Over-Arching standards, Print, Audio, Visual, and Electronic.
  • When finished with edits it will be put on the Marmot wiki. Shannon suggested having a comment period of 2-3 weeks. Alysa asked if we need to add anything. Shannon suggested possibly equipment. Karen Mark, MK, Alysa will make edits to it and a couple of weeks before the next meeting will send it out for comments from the committee. Plans are to finish it by the end of summer. 
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2013, May 22
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