Minutes for 06/26/2013

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Old Business:

  • (MK)—I-types consolidation- Keith had done a report in Reporter for I-types with poor circulation and Mary Katherine sent an email with about these I-types to the group. A couple of libraries use the film and film strip Itypes, so we will keep those. The other 4 I-types will be candidates for re-purposing if more I-types are needed. What I-type to use for electronic devices?
  • (MK)—database cleanup projects Items not in SCAT report- Mary Katherine has been running the report weekly and then sorting it by agency number. It shows the records with call numbers that aren't included in the scat table for some reason. MK is willing to continue to run it on Monday mornings. Add a task to your work flow to run a report against the report to check on your library’s call numbers- Bucket#9. Mary Katherine will investigate with Innovative whether there is a need to remove |a from the call numbers. “Untangling” print & electronic bibs and items- Be vigilant in catching and fixing when records have been tangled. As you are loading OverDrive bibs or EBSCO bibs, or Ebrary bibs, etc. take the time to look to see what they may be overlaying before you load them, be diligent.
  • (MK)—database integrity analysis project-Mary Katherine will talk to Jimmy and put this on the agenda for the next meeting.
  • (Karen)—sharing bib records for E-books and different I-types-Remember OD titles shouldn't be combined with anything else. –Mary Katherine showed a couple of titles that are somewhat duplicates but they have different I-types. It is a very complicated situation, with the many different I-types for electronic resources.
  • (Alysa, MK, Karen, Mark)—Cataloging standards and RDA topics- moved to the next meeting, would still like to have it completed by the end of summer.

New Business:

  • For discussion: Adding a step to the de-dupe process – Mark asked…Would it be possible to use a 9xx tag to indicate the records that have been "combined" so he has a record of which bibs are deleted because the items were moved to a new bib?
  • Mary Katherine will find which 9xx to use and make changes to the instructions and get back to us when to make the change.
  • Question about impacting Reading History list in VuFind, Mark said it would be worth raising the question with III, Mary Katherine will add it to her list of questions for Innovative.
  • Standardization of terms used in facets of the OPAC- Karen format scoping just to her library in the OPAC, not pulling format from all libraries records when scoped to her library.
  • Jamie agreed that it would definitely clean things up. Not really a standardization issue, just a scoping issue. Mark will be looking into this issue.
  • Millennium OCLC Control number expansion Innovative Maintenance


  • No downtime will get new jars loading when we log in, but it will basically be transparent to us.
  • Jamie asked to be let known when the year-end roll over at the end of fiscal year happens.. Mary Katherine will send out an email when it happens. 
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2013, June 26
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