Minutes for 07/24/2013

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Old Business:

  • (Alysa, MK, Karen, Mark)—Cataloging standards and RDA topics- Alysa showed the spreadsheet from Google Docs, Overarching standards is one of the tabs, and print, audio visual and electronics are the other tabs. Alysa will make it a public document for all of us to view and we can comment on it at the next meeting, she will send us the link.
  • For discussion:
    • Adding a step to the de-dupe process – Mark asked…Would it be possible to use a 9xx tag to indicate the records that have been "combined" so he has a record of which bibs are deleted because the items were moved to a new bib?
    • Mary Katherine found the 933 tag is not being used; she opened a ticket with Innovative and hasn't heard back from them about the reading history issue.
    • She needs to verify first that RDA isn't using the 933 tag.
  • Should we meet in August or should we meet at MUG or both? We will meet in August and at MUG and we will decide later if we need to meet at a later date in September.

New Business:

  • (Jamie)—RDA 3xx elements and 264 in Classic OPAC, - Mary Katherine has been talking to Innovative.
  • (MK)—Bibs for electronic materials – records provided by vendors- Edit the 001 to include a prefix to avoid matching and attaching to existing bibs? The OverDrive records keep getting overlaid by other vendors records, EBSCO, Ebrary, etc. At the last Prospector meeting it seemed that the best practice for e-Content is to use prefixes for the 001. "ovr" will be the prefix for the Marmot OverDrive bibs, Mary Katherine will update the OverDrive records with the prefix on Friday and update the instructions for uploading eContent.
  • Those who load OverDrive Advantage records will need to add this to their workflow.
  • (Mark)—The ALL CAPS subject headings are BISAC subject headings, which we aren't currently displaying in VuFind. I can certainly set my export to strip those subject headings if that is the consensus of what we should do (sounds like a UCC question)
  • Karen asked about this, Mary Katherine said she could edit the load table to remove them.
  • Jamie said it might be better to just not display them.
  • Jamie suggested doing more research and then put it on the agenda again for the next meeting, this was agreed upon by all.
  • Nancy (Chief De-Duper) – will explain the Google docs spreadsheet- Is everyone comfortable working in Google docs?
  • It's difficult for Nancy and Mary Katherine to keep a handle on several documents at once.
  • Alysa suggested sending a link to the Google docs, and then put everyone can put their response in the Response rec'd column and send an email to Nancy when they are finished with their list.
  • Nancy and Mary Katherine will hammer out a revised work flow and send it out next week.
  • Karen asked them to send out the Google Docs link.
  • (MK)—Optional addition to the eContent field in the variable length field for schools-There are issues in the school districts for electronic records; be aware that it is in the records.
  • (MK)—explanation of what creates the SCAT reports- Where does the data come from? MK will include the information in the minutes.
  • (MK)—call numbers with spaces and how to clean them up- It messes up inventory reports and migration, etc. if it isn’t cleaned up.
  • Shelly has a saved query, #25, just the change location codes and use the query. It will find spaces before or after the call numbers.
  • Amy did a Global update, she will email how she did it to everyone.
  • (MK)—survey on database integrity- This is tied in with Mary Katherine’s goals for the year. She will send it out Friday or Monday and she would appreciate everyone's input.
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2013, July 24
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