Minutes for 08/28/2013

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Old Business:

  • (Alysa, MK, Karen, Mark)—Cataloging standards and RDA topics-Mary Katherine said she has been swamped with other things and hasn't had time to look at it. Amy said she used it recently and found it very useful; she said that adding 949 information would be helpful. Alysa said she agreed and she will add it on another tab.
  • (MK and Mark)—933 tag for maintaining VuFind tags, etc. after de-duping- Maybe this would be best done on a case by case basis, it is worthwhile for the most popular titles with ratings, etc., but in many cases it is more work than it is worth. Mark will show how it is working at the VuFind demo at 11 am today and 2 pm tomorrow. Shannon had a question about manual complexity and technical complexity. Jimmy said he and Mark have discussed this. Mary Katherine reviewed the macro that can be used to help with putting in the 933 tag.
  • Here is the information for the macro:
    • Adding the 933 field in the bib being kept during the de-dupe process:
    • Create a macro – Go to ADMIN | SETTINGS | select the MACRO tab| Choose an available function key | Type in this command | %ENTER%y933 .%CTRL+v% (2 spaces after the 933) | Click on SAVE SETTINGS and also the OK button
      • 1) find the records to de-dupe
      • 2) highlight the bib number of the bib to be deleted and press control C
      • 3) put the cursor at the right end of the last line in the bib being kept
      • 4) press the function key that you selected when you created the macro **this creates the 933 field and copies the bib number into it**
      • 5) transfer the items and delete the bib
      • 6) when more than one record gets merged, add a 933 for each bib that is being removed
  • (Mark)—BISAC subject headings
  • We can hide them, display them differently, some libraries can display them, others not, we can do many things to change the way they look.
  • By consensus Mark will convert them so that the first letter is capitalized and the other letters are all lower case.
  • (Nancy and MK)—De-duplicating procedures- when Nancy needs help from member libraries- She will email everyone if there are just a few; and she will put it in a spread sheet if there are a lot and email the spread sheet.
  • (MK)—Survey on database integrity- Mary Katherine reviewed the answers to the survey, which concludes that overall the database shows improvement; the de-duping has made a positive impact.

New Business:

  • (Mark)—debrief on load table training-he went to training in July, learned about mapping fields, matching criteria, ISBNs and material types, etc. so that you don't overlay e-book records with other media records the instructor suggested writing a program instead of trying to do it by load tables.
  • (MK)—Additional title MARC tag 240- the 240 prints on the receipt for the patron (in a foreign language, confusing to a patron), it's an easy global update to change the “t” to a “u”. A question about whether this will affect the indexing. What are the ramifications of changing it? Amy asked if we can have the 245 print on the receipt tape? Mary Katherine will talk to Keith.
  • (Jimmy, MK, Mark)—Sierra migration update- the training server will come online September 6. At MUG, September 12-13, the computer room will be set up for people to try out Sierra and several sessions will cover Sierra. Sierra will go live November 11.
  • There was a question about macros going over from Millennium to Sierra.
  • Mark said as he has talked to people who have made the migration and they have not said they have had to recreate the templates and macros after the migration so he doesn't think that it was an issue, but he will try to find out more.
  • At MUG there will be a session for hands on training and then later there will be a webinar for training in Sierra for all Marmot wide library staff.
  • There will be several things set up for any issues that may come up when we go live in November.
  • Mark said Create Lists looks like it is very different, so plan on working on the test server to get used to the differences.
  • Jimmy said remember that Acquisitions, Cataloging and Circulation will be under one login with Sierra.
  • Alysa had a question about Acquisions on the test server and testing an order.
  • Mark said he would ask Innovative.
  • Jimmy said the libraries should all contact their vendors and let them know about the migration. 
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2013, August 28
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