Minutes for 10/23/2013

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Old Business:

  • (Alysa, MK, Karen, Mark)—Cataloging standards and RDA topics-Alysa added the items discussed at the previous meetings. We can review what she has added and make comments to her of any changes you would like for the next week and then she will post it to the Marmot wiki. Alysa will email the link to everyone again.
  • (MK and Mark)—933 tag for maintaining VuFind tags, etc. after de-duping- Alysa has a cataloger who found a record that had been de-duped but the 933 tag had not been inserted. There was discussion about consistency.
  • (Nancy and MK)—De-duplicating procedures when Nancy needs help from member libraries-There is no need to let Nancy know they are done if you are short of time.
  • (Jimmy, MK, Mark)—Sierra migration update—changes to data exchange-Data exchange has changed a bit, Mary Katherine showed where the Load tables are now in Sierra. Highlight file | Click on the Load button | Load Actions box comes up with the Load tables for you to choose from. There was discussion about how the load tables are named in Sierra. The Sierra Production Server will be loaded today or tomorrow to our desktops. There will be a difference in the naming so that we can tell the difference between the Sierra Production version and the Sierra Test version. You will be able to configure the Print templates, the Printer settings, The New records and the Macros on the Sierra Production version before the go live day.

New Business:

  • (Penny)—Redundant order records--order records that trigger duplicate bibs- Penny asked if there was any thought to putting the order records together on the same bib records?
  • Mary Katherine said she wasn't sure what the match point was on the load table for One-click.
  • Alysa said she didn’t de-dupe at the time of ordering only at the time of cataloging. There was much discussion about order records and de-duping.
  • (Shannon)—Decision center saves information about withdrawn items? Shannon was not at the meeting
  • (Alysa)—RDA --update bib record templates for creating new bibs- once the standards are done we will need to update the templates with the RDA. This can wait until after the Sierra migration.
  • (Penny)—FRBR implementation? - Mark-For VuFind sooner, for the catalog later. Mark said we can start coming up with some rules for grouping items together- after Sierra and after Rampart.
  • Penny asked if he could put together a demo of the possibilities.
  • MK suggested that after he gave the demo then we could have a sub-committee put together the rules for him.
  • Remember the difference between public and school libraries.
  • Alysa said she would love to be on the subcommittee.
  • (Karen)--GMD in RDA/Millennium- Nancy Hunter at CAL- Code would go into material type for Blu-ray discs. It is a huge ongoing issue. We will keep discussing this.
  • Mark said start from- here is the end result we want- can we make our standards fit this?
  • Alysa said it sounds like another sub-committee.
  • Amy said after the Sierra migration we can talk about the timeline.
  • MK- Headings reports in Millennium seems to be broken- the message that they are full is coming up regularly. M
  • K said she went back to DBTF for 2009 when this was previously an issue.
  • She mentioned it to Jimmy and he said that Sierra and Rampart were the priorities right now.
  • Mary will clear it 3 times a week or every day for now. The other thing is Patron records.
  • Several responded back- the name field started with a space- that is only the tip of the iceberg. A lot of folks at the circulation desk put in information wrong and this affects patron access to their records. 
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2013, October 23
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