Minutes for 04/23/2014

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Agenda & notes Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome New UCC Chair, Angela Smith from Englewood Public Library, for a 2 year term.

Old Business:

  • (MK) Z39.50 list in Sierra – Of the few suggestions received, only a couple were viable.
  • Mary Katherine selected a few more and has not been successful in getting them added in Sierra yet. She will send the list of ones she identified as possible additions to the UCC for feedback. She’ll also contact III for specific directions for adding Z39.50 servers, since the manual is lacking in instructions for that.
  • (MK) process for copying periodical bibs that have over 500 records attached and moving your library's items and checkin cards – Mary Katherine requested a check on the progress being made.
  • Amy (GarCo) will work more on theirs this week.
  • Alysa (Bud) has a create list with a few titles that she in monitoring. Although Bud doesn’t have more than a few dozen items on these bibs, they are still affected since the oPac display doesn’t accommodate large numbers of attached records.
  • We decided to leave the topic on the agenda as “old business” to continue monitoring the problem.
  • Mary Katherine will follow up with Shannon at WSCU to see how the project is going for her.
  • Jo mentioned the number of duplicate order records with duplicate 001 with Grand County’s location codes.
  • MK explained that Grand Co is working out temporary staffing/training issues and that she is planning a trip for training in early June.
  • (MK) Deduping procedure for SkyRiver records – Marmot’s records are not yet loaded in SkyRiver. Once they are and we have some SR experience, we’ll be in a better position to write out the procedure. With recent reports of incorrect de-duping,
  • MK reminded the group again to pay attention to 001 & keep OCLC record in favor of SkyRiver records.
  • Angela asked for timeline for the Marmot records to be in SR.
  • MK says Jodi (III) advised possibly this Thursday or Friday.
  • Mary Katherine to follow up with III.
  • (Alysa) Redundant order records – Alysa’s create list query for locating “old” order records was shared with Amy after the last meeting.
  • Amy revised it a bit and was successful in getting a file of order records for possible de-duping.
  • Mary Katherine suggested a “best practices for acquisitions” be created as a new Marmot standard. Alysa and Amy agreed to contribute to it and Mary Katherine will contact Amy Sieving to contribute Telluride’s workflow.
  • We’ll keep this topic on the agenda as New Business for next month’s meeting.
  • (MK) Naming conventions continued – The Marmot standard for naming any lists in the system is to start with the library’s location code. The list in “Saved searches” has been cleaned up and ones without location codes have been removed or renamed. Many lists in “Saved Sorts”, “Saved Lists” and “Saved Exports” have a general name. Even though any of those 3 “saved” options are available to any Marmot user, the lists names should still include the library location codes. Saved Exports is currently maxed out and needs to have the number of exports reduced so if you have any outdated ones in the list, please remove them.
  • Amy Shipley shared a procedure to save global update parameters.
  • Mary Katherine will research and include this in a Sierra session at MUG.

New business:

  • (Amy) New UCC Chair, Angela Smith from Englewood Public Library. See above** Amy and Angela will meet to discuss position responsibilities, etc.
  • (MK) Cataloging Standards – what needs to be done and what is our deadline? Waiting for SkyRiver resolution.
  • Mary Katherine to contact Innovative with the list of concerns about SkyRiver. This is a high priority. She will verify the necessity of keeping the SkyRiver 001 in BIB.
  • Alysa is concerned about the process of deduping and including the SR 001 in the bib that gets kept and then having it removed when a matching OCLC bib overlays the existing one.
  • (MK) “saved” functions in create lists. *See Naming Conventions, above.
  • (Amy) Do we need to continue meeting monthly? Maybe quarterly? The group agreed to continue meeting monthly unless there are no agenda items.
  • Many are concerned about SkyRiver & wish to continue monthly meeting to discuss any issues.

Added Item(s):

  • Regarding records in system without items attached (delete itemless BIBs with create date of 90 days prior.)
  • UCC members to advise MK by 4/30 regarding workflows to determine if a shorter time frame (30 days) would be acceptable, rather than 90 days. 933 tag.
  • Is this step in the de-duped procedure still necessary? Overlays are removing some of the 933 marc tags; is it possible to protect this field?
  • Mary Katherine to check with Mark on possible “auto” 933.
  • Jamie – Advised that he deleted records, then needed info from them. He was able to retrieve the info from the Sierra Training server as the records were still there.
  • If UCC members find they need something similar and no longer have access to the training server, please notify Keith or MK for help getting the records. 
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2014, April 23
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