Minutes for 03/25/2015

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Agenda and notes March 25, 2015

  • Welcome to Jamie as Chair
  • Welcome to new members of the committee
  • Updating marmot cataloging standards
    • Tammy has added cataloging standards to http://info.marmot.org Categories- >Sierra->Resources o Mary Katherine still has some revisions to incorporate
    • Emily (Bud Werner) – asked for additional information on Leader and fixed fields, 007, 008 (eg.: Prospector non-contributing)
  • Seed library cataloging standards
    • Subcommittee: Emily (Bud Werner), Gail (Basalt), Sarah (Summit), Mary (ASU)
    • Bib records are not going to be shared – Basalt records are unique to Basalt. Bud Werner’s bibs are more generic, but it makes the most sense that bib records are not shared. We don’t want to have bibs with the same numbers in these marc tags 001, 020, 024 and none of these records currently being used for seeds have these fields.
    • Subcommittee members will document their procedures to share with members who may be interested in starting a seed library
    • Mary Katherine is compiling list of required/recommended fields based on input from the subcommittee
      • Include 500 No A.C.
  • Authority Control project with LTI
    • Anticipating doing in summer after Ft. Lewis College records have been added
  • Pine River Library District update
    • Moved from Millennium system, single site library
    • 26,000 bibs that matched 80% of bibs already in Marmot
    • Are lending (at the bottom of the loan table for right now) and borrowing; not a member of Prospector o “go-live” date was March 16
  • Fort Lewis College update
    • Millennium site o 300,000 bib records
    • Will load records into the test server first
    • Working with Project Manager at Innovative
    • Cleaning up item types; itemless bibs, etc.
    • Will require new load tables
    • Projected “go-live” date is May 27
  • Ask a question…any question
    • How to copy a bib record – details are included in the “Cataloging procedures for non-OCLC members” standards on the link listed in the third bullet listed above
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2015, March 25
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