Minutes for 04/22/2015

Union Catalog Committee Meeting Agenda & notes April 22, 2015


  • Cataloging standards update
    • 1) Nothing has been added this month, no revisions or adds on Wiki.
    • 2) “appendices” continue to crop up to be included (topics under New business, specific topics such as seed library docs, book club kits, etc). If you think of other topics that need a separate document, please let Mary Katherine know and include the standard overview on how you catalog them.
  • Authority control project update
    • 1) Draft time line – MK to send out pertinent spreadsheet information.
    • 2) No editing and deleting bibs while database is out (6/12). CAN ADD NEW. MK to check if we can overlay. Sub-committee of Emily/public, Jamie/academics, Shelly/schools will have future discussions.
    • 3) Brief bibs that shouldn’t go to authority control – what UCC members can do to help. Identify those bib records in your collection that are order records or brief or temporary bibs (like ones for ILL materials) and that don’t have subject fields or authors to be checked for authority control. Add the 500 marc tag note that says No A.C. so MK can keep them out of the file that will go to LTI.


  • “Enhanced” bibliographic records (from FLC)
    • When Ft. Lewis College goes live in Marmot in late May, almost 300,000 bib records and attached items will be loaded to our database. FLC has done a lot of enhancements to their bib records, specifically the 505 and 520 marc fields. The UCC needs to express concerns, questions, or support regarding this issue. Should we set a protect code so that the enhanced fields will be inserted into existing matched bibs in Marmot? The question was asked whether or not these enhancements were made to the OCLC record or to the FLC record on their local server. Mary Katherine will find out. With de-duping, local enhancements don’t always get copied to the record that is being kept. A sub-committee for further discussion regarding this topic includes Jamie, Emily, Mary Katherine, Karen, & FLC staff.
  • DVDs & BluRay combo bibs What to do with these
    • Some libraries split out DVDs from BluRays; some include both in one record, citing “combo pack”.
    • Expanded 007 field Format shows what is displayed in Pika.
    • Mary Katherine will talk with Mark regarding the codes in the 007 field.
    • Also “season” versus separate discs. b43023228 is one example. This topic was tabled until the May meeting.
  • Book club kits - policies, procedures, standards
    • Kits should have same information, ISBN, etc. and include discussion guide.
    • Amy (TLW) copies an existing bib and adds 590 local note and 690 local subject heading.
    • Book club kits should have the code for non-contributing to Prospector.
    • The ISBN should be deleted when an existing bib is copied so duplicate records aren’t created.
    • MK suggested libraries create a list for local book club kits to make sure those bibs fit the best practices just outlined above.
    • These standards will be added to the Marmot cataloging best practice guides,
  • De-duping periodical bibs – policies, procedures
    • Carol emailed MK asking what should be done when periodical titles are changed. OG-Organic Gardening changing to Organic Life. Should titles be merged or kept in separate bibs? If you find an example and you aren’t the owning library, please send to MK.
    • More research should be done regarding how to handle the changes to bib records when titles change.
  • Suppression codes in bib and item records - Jamie
    • Create list #217 #48, 51 examples in the list of many libraries with attached items and the bib is suppressed.
    • When the bib is suppressed, patrons can’t find the materials in the OPAC.
    • Bibs should not be suppressed unless your item/checkin card/order are the only ones attached and you want to keep that material from displaying in both the Marmot oPac and in Prospector.
    • To display bibs in the Marmot oPac and not in Prospector, use code “p” in the Special Use field of the bib.
    • All UCC members should run a Create List against #217 for their specific items.
    • If your item should be suppressed, do that with the suppression code in the item record.
    • Amy (GC), Emily (Bud) and Shelly (D51 schools) have advised their bibs have been unsuppressed where necessary.
    • Some of these records are really OLD! #86 – why are they still in the system?
    • Sarah Greenberg will clean up GR bibs that are currently suppressed.
    • Libraries that aren’t participating in Prospector do not need to suppress their bibs or items. Based on location codes, their records aren’t contributed. 
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2015, April 22
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