Minutes for 05/27/2015

Union Catalog Committee May 27, 2015


  • Authority control project update
    • Project outline – This was sent to the UCC members in May and reviewed briefly in this meeting.
    • A sub-committee made up of Jamie, Emily, Shelly and Mary Katherine developed the outline.
  • Marmot cataloging standards / cataloging guidelines
    • Guidelines for the topics listed below are in the works.
      • If you have other topics that you feel would benefit the members to have guidelines for, please send the topic and any documentation you have on the task to Mary Katherine.
      • Book club kits; Suppression codes; Electronic resources; Periodicals title changes DVDs – “season” versus individual discs re: TV series (b43023228 is one example)
      • Jo Norris (VPL) advised that VPL uses locked cases, each case can contain only 4 discs at a time so some series will use 2 or more cases. This requires item level holds which can confuse patrons.
      • At first, it was suggested that VPL find a different record that matches the DVD but this would actually cause duplicate records.
      • Both Jo (VPL) and Mary Walsh (ASU) confirmed their DVDs are NOT holdable by anyone.
      • Mary said her DVDs are not circulated as an entire set.
      • It was suggested that the disc information be put at end of Call Number, not in Volume field. Karen (CCU) also has a number of DVDs that have multiple discs.
      • Expect more on this topic in the near future.


  • OCLC bib utility control number expansion 
    • This topic has been discussed previously.
    • We all need to be aware that with the creation of the 1 billionth record expected in OCLC this summer, the number scheme will change and another prefix will be added.
    • Mary Katherine will check with III to be sure the system is able to do this.
    • The OCLC load table has a “validity check” line in it to remove the prefixes from the 001 field when the records are imported.
    • It will be verified to see if any changes need to be made to that line.


  • Duplicate bibs – load table tweaks – work flow changes
    • Following emails from Emily (Bud) about duplicate bibs in the Marmot database to Mary Katherine and Jimmy, a sub-committee was formed.
    • It includes Emily, Jamie, Amy Shipley, Karen, Shelly, and Mary Katherine.
    • For the next several weeks, this group will look for patterns within the duplicate records, with the primary goal to discover what action is most responsible for creating the dupes.
    • By discovering where they are coming from, we will have a better chance of stopping them.
    • Load tables may need some tweaking and it’s possible that work flows could change.
    • For instance, those who load bib records from vendors should consider doing a test load first to identify the dupes and then remove the ones that can be done before loading the bibs.
    • That will result in more of your bibs matching on an existing bib and attaching the item, rather than finding multiple matches and being rejected and items not getting attached.
    • Catalogers using SkyRiver should make sure to use the 949 command that tells the system to load the records via the SkyRiver load table.
    • Karen will create a Google survey form to help us determine who uses which load table and for what.
    • The link to this will be sent out soon.
    • The subcommittee will meet to work out solutions.
    • Mary Katherine will check with III on existing ticket, might be fixed on next Sierra update.
    • MK to send De-Duping Best Practices/Guidelines.


  • Un-scoped (accounts with no scope assigned so that de-duping processes can be done) de-dupers user accounts have the ability to edit and delete items and patron accounts that belong to other libraries.
  • For your own protection, use a scoped account for batch deletes, global updates, statistics, etc. If you are doing batch processes like those just mentioned, and you’re working in a review file, double check that you have pulled up the correct create list.
  • If you need a scoped account, please contact Mary Katherine or if you have any questions about this, let her know. Jamie’s email reminder about the meeting had a link in it to the Marmot calendar page.
  • Mary Katherine explained, to reach the information on accessing the GoToMeeting, click on the meeting link on the date of the meeting in the calendar and the GoToMeeting call-in info will pop up.
  • MK will ask Marmot tech staff if it’s possible to create a hot link on the http within the call-in pop-up.
  • ***NEWS FLASH*** Tammy was able to make that change within just a few minutes of me asking about it. Hooray, Tammy! 
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2015, May 27
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