Minutes for 06/24/2015

Union Catalog Committee June 24, 2015 Meeting


  • LTI and authority control project – any discussion, questions or concerns?
    • Can continuing cataloging and deleting as normal.
    • Editing bibs that were sent to LTI is not recommended - records will be overlaid when records come back from LTI
    • If there is not a record with a matching bib record number - the incoming record will be rejected. MK will be testing the LTI load table prior to reload to ensure that this is working properly.
    • 1.9 million + bibs went to LTI
    • Looking for ways to protect existing information in edited bibs - OCLC overlays - what fields do we need to protect?
      • 590 fields could be protected, but this needs further thought and discussion because it is difficult to protect without the field being duplicated.
      • Enhanced 505 and 520 from FLC bibs were sent to LTI and therefore won’t be lost.
      • 505 and 520 - problems with protecting the 505 and 520 because they often are enhanced later.
    • ALL bib records, even temp records for ILL/Course reserves, need to have title/author info
    • Catalog date required in all records except brief records for ILL/Course reserves/Order Records that don’t go for authority control
      • Does the load table set cat date? Yes - tables can be set to include the cat date
    • Records with No A.C. that should not have the note - please leave for the time being so MK can create a list and send them with the Gap Tape (bibs loaded between June 13 and when the reconciled file is loaded)
    • All old 948 LTI notes will be cleaned up
      • a) Workflows
        • Tammy is convening a group discussion for workflows on acquisitions
      • b) duplicate prevention……
    • De-duping concerns
    • Moving order records that aren’t “yours”
      • When there is an OCLC record with items and a vendor record with an order attached and it matches all of the information in the OCLC record, we want to move the order items attached to the OCLC record.
      • Two members use the load table that matches on brief order record number in the 907 field and overlays the order bib with full bib. When the record comes in, it could overlay the OCLC bib (which isn’t what we want) if the order has been moved from the brief bib to an OCLC bib. May not want to move order records if they are Telluride or Garfield County??
      • Workflow at Garfield Co (per Amy): Export bibs with orders attached, run macro outside of Sierra and compares records - is it an OCLC record, does it have Subject headings, etc., if the existing record is a brief record it will be overlaid by the incoming bib; if the existing record is an OCLC record, it attach the item record.
      • Tammy will bring this up with the acquisition group she is convening. And that group will come back with a recommendation.
      • In the meantime, continue in regular de-duping process to move the order records to OCLC record.
      • Should we move order records to a SkyRiver record? Yes, move order records to matching SkyRiver records.
      • Is it possible to remove ISBN from order records so that vendor records don’t match and attach on order records. No: ISBN is valid search point and needs to be kept in the brief order record.
      • Do we need to look to a solution outside of Sierra (similar to the macro developed by Telluride)
      • Discussion tabled until acquisitions users can meet; keep doing as we’ve been doing - DO move order records that aren’t yours to full bib.


  • Create lists – number of buckets, maximum record size, enforcement of limitations
    • Do we want to lobby for purchase of another set of “buckets”
    • Policies for use of bucket - delete unused buckets, copy smaller lists to smaller buckets
    • Can we create a number of smaller (100, 500) buckets? Need for smaller buckets is clear
    • Suggest to recycle the old buckets you used before; have someone at your institution to take a look at buckets used by your institution and clean up old ones.
    • Names of create lists more than 50 characters long can cause create lists to stop working.
    • Summary: Do we need to add buckets? Need to create small buckets? Guidelines for emptying buckets on a regular basis. - MK will put together some guidelines to review at the next meeting.
  • Bib records issues – cataloging standards
    • MK will edit cataloging standards - will ensure that it includes MARC tags not just “t” field, “a” field
    • Cat dates - on all records except: temporary course reserve bibs, temporary ILL records, order records, equipment - basically anything that should have Authority Control needs a cat date; anything that does not - should not have a cat date
  • Load table edits
    • Making the 245 be the only “t” tagged title field
      • In bib records – marc tag 130 & 240 in addition to 245 frequently have a “t” tagged field. On the checkout receipt, the first “t” tag prints.
      • Need to check indexing - and suggest that 240 line be set to “u” tag rather than the “t” tag
      • MK will do some more research to make sure that the indexes are set properly and making this change won’t cause a problem elsewhere
      • Use the LTI reload to make the change to existing ones
    • Setting the load table to populate the call number field in the item record
      • MK will investigate the possibilities for this
      • Could require creation of new load tables to distinguish between users of DDC and LofC numbers
    • Use of the OCLC load table for OCLC bibs that come from vendors
      • If you know that ALL records are from OCLC, it can be used with the OCLC load table
      • If you are not sure that all records are from OCLC, strip OCM/OCN from 001 in MarcEdit before loading using the vendor load table
      • Contact MK if you have any questions/comments
    • Setting of OCLC table to add another bib or reject when 2 or more found
      •  Would require changes to workflows for some people
      • More discussion needs to take place on this issue - subcommittee will discuss

Update on when new release of Sierra will move to the live server. The latest Sierra release is on the test server. Jamie & MK are testing to see if headings report is fixed. 

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2015, June 24
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