Minutes for 05/25/2016

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Action Items:

  • Completed Action
    • Set up Z39.50
      • 4 Targets set up for school libraries
    • Determine if there is any need for more training for dummy items in order records to allow holds
      • Brandon sent training form and did individual trainings


  • Designate 907 and 917 fields for deletion -  Lloyd
  • Add info about 958 “No A.C.” note to cataloging documentation Lloyd find out if anyone is still using the 500 field? Why?  - Lloyd
  • Develop proposal for use of authority records in Pika  - Jimmy/Mark/Lloyd
  • Create a list correlating all MARC tags and III field group tags, put up on the wiki -  Lloyd
  • Large list of duplicates in Sierra Create List 333. 11,000 pairs of dups. -  Everyone should work on their library’s holdings.
    • Large number of these are CMU/WS/MDL record sets that have probably been loaded incorrectly. Jamie sent resolution email. - Everyone
    • Investigate how we can take advantage of OCLC numbers in 035 of SkyRiver records. - Lloyd
  • Subcommittee on the 001 meet to discuss what we want our load tables to do with this field. - Lloyd/Jamie/Karen/Shelly
    • 001 Duplicate Committee considered adding prefix to 001. Need to consider Prospector records, Inn-Reach harvests from Sierra and Millennium. Prospector matches on 001 + 020. Using “Test Record”, shows #/* in Prospector so export profile would need to be changed to remove prefixes, translation tables would need modifying (4 tables). *Lloyd – is Prospector using our export table?  
  • Find out from Backstage and Marcive about URIs in records (Logan will contact them and let Jimmy know what they say). - Jimmy
  • Find out about possibility of OCLC reclamation project. To what extent it would resolve our issue of records with no 001. How many Marmot libraries are due a free reclamation? Price of full catalog reclamation. - Jimmy
  • Investigate possible re-indexing project. What else should be reindexed? 019 and 079 are in the ISBN index and probably should not be. Look through old UCC minutes for any reference to indexing, and start a wiki page to keep track of re-indexing needs. - Lloyd
    • Relative to Sierra only. Lloyd put up page on Marmot Wiki. ReIndexing Project. Send any issues to Lloyd. - Lloyd
  • Train Salida on One-Click load table procedure. - Lloyd
    • Lloyd/Martha training held 5/11.

Old Business

  • Report from Duplicate Committee
  • Marmot Duplicate Committee Agenda May 11, 2016 9:00 AM
  • Attendees: Jamie Walker, Lloyd, Nancy, Shelly Fratzke, Karen Neville, Amy Shipley, Alysa Selby
  • Action Items - Completed
  • Look into 001 behavior in load tables
  • Start to regularly search for oclc prefixes in records to remove them
  • Are SD51 patron load tables loading slow? Shelly now using auto-loads
  • SkyRiver, can it automatically include a 949? Can’t use default table but can create macro using F5 key to load 949 field and export
  • Find out what is priority of dup utility for development team? Mark won’t be able to do this this year, working on digital repository.
  • Jimmy may hire Andy (tlw) to do this.
  • Amy – would like to see this happen.
  • Shelly – agrees
  • Lloyd – it’s possible to create a macro to move attached records, possibly having Tammy use JSON. It’s in the works in testing mode. *Lloyd will advise members when it’s ready to be implemented.
  • Use Excel to find 001 duplicates – List in Create List #333 bucket. WSU & CMU have largest lists. Jamie to help Lloyd with CMU load tables and send Lloyd the email.


  • Analysis of quality of skyriver records – would be published Would academics want this? Jamie – not required for CMU. Astrid at Ft. Lewis would be interested but not until fall. *Lloyd can do informal study. *Jamie – has literature and will share with Lloyd. Amy – UCC might have someone to do this as well.  - Lloyd
  • Use Excel to search for duplicates between 019 and 001 – Jamie, Lloyd, Western on create list #333. Jamie – Identified duplicates on Springer Books but list was so large it was difficult to manipulate data on the spreadsheet. *Jamie/Lloyd – after next UCC meeting they can go over Jamie’s spreadsheet. Can III work on E-duplicates? Triple I says it’s heading reports, (possible enhancement request?)  - Lloyd
  • Investigate the feasibility of Jamie’s idea to use “#” as OCLC prefix in our 001 fields. Jamie tested using “#” in 001. -  001 subcommittee
  • Describe and disseminate Karen’s process for dealing with records designated as DLC in the 003. Karen forwarded Shelly’s email to Lloyd to assist with “DLC records with no prefix”.  - Lloyd and Karen
  • Check for results of an old Survey Monkey about MARC record sources - Lloyd

New Business

  • Discussion of Itype reorganization proposal
    • 9 – UCC & UCC involved due to changes.
    • Alysa – ASC – no, UCC – yes.
    • Betsey agrees
    • Jamie – may not move forward with this 
    • Lloyd – joint project, will investigate.
    • ASC & UCC should be involved.
    • Brandon – I-type renovation. Brandon is collecting pros and cons from ASC and UCC. Will draft more specific plan and present to both commitees. Anyone who wants to be included, send email to Brandon.
    • Jamie – suggests to watch video.
    • Brandon – explained I-type renovation. See Coggle document https://coggle.it/diagram/V0S7fLaWeUNg6lcl/ff139cc405f95c03edee2caa10dde... 1bb2b1983d.
    • Brandon – Currently there are 21 I-types with zero records attached.
    • Brandon will send email poll asking if anyone is using blank I-type codes.
    • Shelly – I-code-1 can be used for multiple purposes.
    • Jamie – public libraries can use it now.
    • Brandon – must be maintained by site, not Marmot.
    • Carol (PC) – says they qualify for a free reclamation.
    • Diane (EV) – uses Decision Center.
    • Martha (FTL) – concerned, can Marmot talk to Prospector? Problem with notices.
    • Jamie – loan periods are controlled by libraries.
    • Jimmy – III design of how Inn-Reach works with other single libraries.
    • Selene (EPL) – some locations-specific in I-types, some in locaton codes.
    • Martha – general Marmot header notice.
    • Brandon – can use General Marmot header notice has issue with how much space is available for paragraph. Share with ASC.
  • Records that appear to have been overlaid with order records 10 - Lloyd is investigating this issue
  • Load table adjustment for One-Click libraries. How is it working?
    • Alyssa – 315 loaded, only 1 bib was loaded wrong.
    • Diane – Over 200 items, none were wrong.
    • EPL & MCPLD – ditto. 
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2016, May 25
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