Meeting Minutes for 04/26/2017

Marmot Union Cataloging Committee
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Action Items:




  • Discussion of the word ‘barcode’ in barcode fields. These were causing meaningless dups to clutter up Headings Reports.

  • Dup committee found that most of the items with ‘barcode’ in the barcode field were the Marmot dummy items created to allow holds on orders.  They tested and found that the barcode field was not necessary for those records to perform their hold function.  They removed the barcode fields from the items and the template that creates them.  Garfield reported that they sometimes use the word barcode in that field so they can search and pull records into a review file.  They will see if they can use a different item field for that, so they are not creating erroneous dups.

  • Check with Pika team about setting to delay suppression of paid orders.

  • Pika team reports that they do not have the ability to delay the suppression of orders when they are paid, without new code.  Amy thinks this is a setting in Sierra.  She wants to find the switch and change it. *Lloyd will check on this.  Nina is solving this problem now by waiting a week to post invoices.

  • MAC Discussion of authorizing large electronic subscription packages.

  • MAC came to some conclusions about which electronic resources need authority work.  This should simplify our decision making process for the authority vendor.

  • Check 995 fields. Find loaders that have not been used since we started the 995 field a year ago.  Remove these from Data Exchange.

  • Lloyd checked the 995 fields to find loaders that have not been used in the last year.  He found several and removed them from data exchange.  This frees up several spots for loaders in data exchange.

  • Set the ‘(2) non-shared electronic resource’ loader default to MAT TYPE of ebook.  First test that you will still be able to override that default with a 949 field.

  • Per last month’s discussion, Lloyd changed the default MAT TYPE for loader (2) to ebook.  This is working.  It can be overridden by b2= in a 949.




Responsible parties


Develop training for finding bad 001 fields with batch searching in Connexion




Tammy is writing up the training document

OCLC reclamation projects if needed after 001 batch clean up processes


Waiting for batch processes then we will check on the value of reclamation.

From Duplicate Committee: develop a process to find duplicates between the 001 and 019 fields.


Dup Committee

Brandon found a way to use SQL to pull 019 and 001 fields out of Sierra.  The *Dup Committee will look the results and how we can take advantage of it.

Update cataloging standards document, bring updated version of it back to the UCC, and get it up on the web page. – In progress


In progress.

Duplicate committee should develop system to monitor incoming records to see what issues exist is with incoming records.

Duplicates committee

See Discussion topics notes.


Discussion topics



Authority vendor decision

MAC committee met to discuss which electronic resources should be included and which excluded from authority control. (See appendix)  We now have a clearer idea of what we would likely spend on each authority vendor.  For this year LTI is estimated to cost $27,643 and MARCive $27,875.  Next year LTI is estimated at $24,689 and MARCive $18,914.  Most people present feel that MARCive is adequate and we could spend the difference elsewhere.

After discussion, we decide that we should do a formal survey to make sure everyone gets input into the decision.  *Lloyd will do a poll.

Report from Duplicates Committee

Lloyd mentioned a session he saw at IUG from a Polaris consortium from Saskatchewan.  They used an open source fuzzy logic system to find duplicate records in their system.  Possibly to invite them to a UCC meeting.  Lloyd will discuss this in more detail at the MiniIUG meeting next week.

Process to create list with ISBNs

Another session at IUG discussed a process to create a review file based on a list of ISBNs.  It requires that the Z39.50 export profile will include the local .b number in the 907 field.  Lloyd asks if it would be a problem to make our local record numbers available on Z39.50.  Brandon points out that our .b numbers are already out on Pika, so this is a moot point.  *Lloyd, action item: set up training material for Create List with ISBN.

Project to find unused item templates

We have way too many item templates.  Lloyd has an idea to have each template add a note to the item record that would identify which template was used to create the item.  Then in a year we could find which templates were never used and get rid of them.  Jamie and Shelley suggest that we should start by asking libraries to clean up the templates they know are obsolete.  *Lloyd, action item: send out email to ask libraries to clean out their unused templates (include detailed instructions).  Come back next month to reassess the idea of adding notes to remaining templates.

Music recording display in Pika

Jordan asked the UCC to discuss how the music CDs are being displayed in Pika.  Suggestion is to replace ‘Music recording’ with ‘Music CD’.  Phonographs will be changed to say ‘phonograph’.

The UCC thinks each type should be specified in display, music CD, phonograph, streaming music, or music cassette.  They should also be separate from non-music audio recordings.  

Karen points out that it is most important to users that they know what type of equipment will be required to listen.

Grouping should put the same recording together despite format.

Grouping Hoopla videos

Nancy is finding many Hoopla videos that are not getting automatically grouped with DVDs.  She wants to check if they are supposed to be separate.  Is there a reason they are not getting grouped?  

UCC thinks they should be grouped.  We should investigate if there is something about the records from Hoopla that is preventing automatic grouping from working. *Lloyd and Nancy action item

Report from IUG and preview of MiniIUG

MiniIUG will be Thursday, May 4.


New action items:

Check for setting in Sierra to delay suppression of orders after they are received.

Lloyd, Amy

Develop process for cleaning up dups found with SQL 019 data pull

Dup committee

Poll on final authority vendor decision


Training material on new ISBN create list process

Lloyd, Tammy

Email to members asking them to clean up old templates (with instructions)


Why are some Hoopla videos not grouping?

Lloyd, Nancy

Next Duplicates Sub-committee meeting: May 10, 2017 9-10am MT

Next meeting: May 24, 2017, 9-11am MT


Report from MAC on which e-resources to do authority control on.

Owned ebooks – include  

  • Springer – include
  • ATLA – include
  • Prospector – include
  • Ebsco – include
  • Ebrary – include

DDA Discovery records – exclude

  • Prospector – exclude
  • Ebsco – exclude

Rental packages – case by case

  • Docuseek – exclude
  • Digitalia – exclude
  • Alexander Street – exclude
  • Naxos – include
  • Kanopy – exclude
  • LION – include
  • ebrary rental – exclude
  • Ebsco North American rental – exclude
  • Biblioboard – exclude
  • Films on Demand – exclude

Government documents – include

  • CO state – include
  • Fed – include
Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, 2017, April 26
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